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Chiropractic Practice Coaching

We offer new and innovative ways to build your team and your business. Our Business LAB is constantly adding new information and updating outdated procedures to keep you in the know. We understand the importance of new technology, new thinking, and new ways to cultivate a good team. 

Staff and Doctor 1:1 Coaching 

Highly exclusive executive-style coaching for both doctors and your staff.  Mastering the principles of successful practice management requires a team effort.  Our exclusive customized coaching (vs checklist consulting) engages your team in the strategies and tactics that will catapult you to success.  Plus, you have access to ON-DEMAND coaching for those quick I-need-an-answer-now questions.

KC Mastermind

It's important to jump off the mouse wheel of Chiropractic from time-to-time and adjust your own headspace.  The KC Live Mastermind sessions offer goal-oriented and success-driven opportunities to collaborate with like-minded DC’s.  Brain-storming ideas, exploring new concepts, and sharing best practices on a bi-weekly basis.

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LIVE Seminars

Kats Consultants continues to be a leader in seminar innovation offering both live virtual seminars as well as high-end retreats and team workshops.  From team immersion to legacy planning, our LIVE events cover all the bases.

Mastery On-Demand

Let‚Äôs face it.¬† Things happen.¬† As a Path to Mastery member, you have access to our coaching team whenever you need us.¬† There‚Äôs no waiting until your next coaching session.¬† You or your staff can email the help desk, text your coach, or jump on our calendars anytime an issue or question arises.¬† Whether it's a quick billing question, an issue with staff, or ‚ÄúI just need to talk to someone‚ÄĚ.¬† On-demand coaching - we‚Äôre here for YOU.

Chiropractic Coaching

1:1 Chiropractic Success Coaching with Path to Mastery.

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New information monthly and quarterly: 

  • New Webinars for Docs 
  • New Training Classes for Staff 
  • New Forms Library 
  • Online Video Library 
  • Email, text, and call Access to Advisors 
  • Live Streaming Group Consulting
  • One-on-One Coaching for staff
  • 4 Live Streaming Seminars per year 

It’s time to build real success and practice profitability like never before.


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Let's Chat! First, we need to be certain we're a fit for you and determine the best program for your journey. Lets spend 30-minutes to strategize where your practice pain points might be and determine your next step.

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The Path to Success begins as you grow your practice and your team. 


Watch from anywhere...anytime.

Studies show that 74% of surveyed employees feel they aren’t reaching full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities. This leads to burnout and turnover in your practice.

Path to Mastery gives you training tools at your fingertips. Helping the doctor become the entrepreneur and to build a team of individuals who can help grow the practice with proper knowledge and engagement. 


Staff and Doctor Training

4 NEW training videos offered each month.  Each video is designed to enhance individual and team development by offering short-bites of immediately usable information relevant to your Chiropractic practice. 

LIVE Monthly Group Coaching

Hot topics brought to you LIVE and Online!  These are great for Staff and Doctors to bring your questions for discussion with our expert advisors. No pressure ... participate as much as you want or just sit back and listen. 

Email Access to Advisors

Sometimes you need an answer quick.  Path to Mastery offers members the ability to  email your questions directly to our team of Chiropractic practice experts.  We may even bring your ideas to the live group coaching sessions for discussion! 

Statistical Tools

The expanded KC 31-point statistical analysis is available for you and your coaches to analyze your business and track your success trends. Uncover issues before they become costly.  See exactly where your success is happening. Plan for the future.  Managing by stats is an important aspect of Chiropractic profitability because the numbers never lie! 

Forms Library

Access up-to-date forms for all your practice needs available to download and use.  This library is continually updated with new content.  Tools for virtually every aspect of practice management.  Plus, as a Path to Mastery member, if you can't find something, let us know and we might be able to create it for you!

Video Library 

All the current tools you need for practice success. Everything from customer service, Medicare, staff training, compliance, HIPAA, marketing, new patient acquisition, retention, records management, fee setting, and so much more...

Access Staff Training

Speed up the staff training process with Certifications and Coaching.

The next seminar is RIGHT NOW with instant access to over 400 training videos.




There's power in knowing you aren't alone in your quest for practice success. 

Our group coaching helps you put the strategies and tactics you learn into practice. This is a safe place where everyone is working on their own Chiropractic Practice. NO practice is the same. In fact, we appreciate and encourage you to develop YOUR vision of the dream practice that fits you. 

Engaging in these sessions creates dynamic transformations for your practice.  Chiropractic doctors and staff learning best practices together while seeking similar success paths.  Group coaching provides the platform to dive into the creative ways Chiropractors are improving their practice experience and patient outcomes.

We can’t wait to connect and watch you grow!




Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right program for you.



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  • KC Path to Mastery BENEFITS:

    • $595/m first 12 months¬†
    • $495/m after 12 months completed
    • No Contracts
    • All Virtual Seminars Included
    • Bi-Weekly 1:1 coaching
    • Group coaching/Q&A Meetup
    • ON-DEMAND Coaching
    • Staff 1:1 Coaching¬†
    • CA Certification programs
    • Video and Forms Library
    • Path to Launch Program
    • Bi-Weekly Mastermind Sessions
    • Kats Community
    • Live Events Included (Doctor's Retreat and TEAM Workshop)
    • Live phone, text, email, and video support
    • Paired with the coach that best fits you and your practice but you may

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