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Kats Chiropractic Consultants brings you our one-of-a-kind weekly recorded webinars for CA's.  These 10-20 minute programs are perfect for the Chiropractic Entrepreneur looking for weekly development strategies for their staff. We touch-on all areas of CA development and training including topics such as procedures, scheduling, customer service, billing and collections, patient communication, and CA strategies to help drive new patients, retention...and so much more.  A new topic each week to help doctors manage their staff with the latest in up-to-date training strategies for your staff.  

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From Crew to Crew...

Behind every successful practice is a highly skilled team.  Each week, our experienced consultants will deliver engaging, relevant, and simple development strategies that will arm your staff with the tools to make your practice thrive. These short and inciteful videos from the KC Team are a great addition to your weekly staff meetings and a great way to obtain relevant training each week with little time investment.  Plus, these tools and strategies are easy for you and your staff to implement. 

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Enjoy a sample of the KC CREW CALL webinars to see how important these weekly programs are for your success.  With each episode at 10 -20 minutes in length, you and your staff can learn relevant and important practice tips to quickly increase your success.   


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The CREW CALL Subscription brings you weekly webinars each month for only $39.95...and there's NO CONTRACT - stop at anytime.

Or choose the KC FUNDAMENTALS annual membership where you'll receive both the weekly DOC TALK webinars PLUS the weekly CREW CALLS for staff.  In addition, you'll receive access to our webinar library and our LIVE DC MEETUP session where you can Q&A with the leading Chiropractic Coaches in the industry.

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