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Accelerate the transition between being a Chiropractic student and becoming a successful Chiropractor!




Chiropractic Students 

What is your Path to Launch

Chiropractic success? 

Will you choose to be an associate or start your own clinic? 


There's so many decions to make...

That's why the KC Path to Launch Chiropractic Consulting Program is so important.  It helps fill in the gaps to develop your next steps into practice...

no matter which path you choose!

Your Path Starts Here

Path to Launch is for Chiropractic students 

Giving you tools to start your own business or become an associate in just a few months without being a business expert. 

  • Where to start your career (associate or ownership) after graduation.
  • Learn the business skills that help you build a successful practice. 
  • Develop your philosophy and business plan. 
  • Navigate the financial and statistical needs of the practice.
  • Who your team should be and how to create a strong presence. 
  • Everything you need before you open your doors. 
  • Community access to coaches and other students. 

What's inside

man on ladder drawing on a wall winning business ideas

Before you Open your Doors 

Having mental clarity 

Predictors of success 

What steps to take first 

Cash vs Insurance 

Associateship or Ownership

man writing business plan rocket launching

Ownership vs Associateship

What an owner expects 

How to leverage yourself 

How to create a niche

Benefits of starting a practice 

Navigating building leases

Financing the business 

Your Path Starts Here
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Chiropractic Business 



How to set up your practice 

Manage overhead 

Art of scheduling 

Developing your business Plan

We Empower... 


Students and new grads by providing them with the tools they need for starting a successful Chiropractic career. 

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That's why having a business strategy coach is important.  The KC Path to Launch program...

  • Is great for those in Chiropractic school or in an Associateship looking to start their own practice¬†
  • Helps you develop your business plan¬†and model
  • Provides guidance on how to market¬†yourself to¬†find the perfect¬†practice in which to work¬†
  • Helps you¬†determine your best path - associateship or ownership
  • Offers insights¬†on how¬†to lease office space¬†
  • Helps you develop the action steps to¬†be successful right out of school
  • Coaches you to make the decision about the type of practice you want - cash or insurance-based¬†

The KC Path to Launch program is full of coaching tips to help you launch your career

Check out this short introductory video...

Your Path Starts Here



There's power in knowing you aren't alone in your quest for practice success. 

Our group coaching helps you put the strategies and tactics you need into practice. This is a safe place where everyone is fine-tuning their next steps in the  Chiropractic process. No student is the same.  In fact, we appreciate and encourage you to develop your own vision of the dream practice! 

Engaging in these sessions creates dynamic transformations for your practice vision.   Group coaching provides the platform to dive into the creative ways Chiropractic students are improving their practice plans. 

We can’t wait to connect and watch you grow!

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Everyone’s path is different, but the starting point is the same. 


KC Path to Launch BENEFITS:

  • Subscription Based only $29/month
  • NO Contract
  • LIFETIME access to the Path to Launch library after 12 months‚Ķyou read that right‚ĶLIFETIME access!
  • Access to Path to Launch on-demand videos
  • Live monthly Q&A sessions with coaches and peers¬†
  • Quarterly Digital Bulletin with up-to-date practice insights and procedures¬†
  • May purchase and attend ALL Virtual Events and Workshops (discounts available on some events)¬†
  • Access to practice worksheets, tools, downloads, and so much more
  • Opportunity to purchase 1:1 consulting time at $150/half-hour to work directly with our coaches


KCPath to Launch will help you:

  • Develop clarity about your practice and strengthen your mission
  • Develop actionable steps and strategies to easily attain your goals
  • Determine your best path to practice whether it be associateship or ownership

If and when you're ready to take it

to the next level...


Check out our Path to Prosper program with the tools you and your clinic staff need

to create and maintain the practice of your dreams.

Chiropractic Practice Management Made Simple

Answers to commonly asked questions!

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Alt="Kats team teaching at seminar"
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Unsure of your path...


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