Doc Talk Webinars

Webinars designed by Chiropractic Physicians for Chiropractic Physicians.

Helping you keep up with the changing trends in the profession.

From Doc to Doc...

Each month, our experienced Chiropractic consultants will deliver engaging, relevant, and simple development strategies that will arm you with the tools to make your practice and your team thrive. These short and insightful videos from Kats Consultants provide you with relevant tips that you can watch weekly with little time investment.  Plus, these tools and strategies are often easy to implement into your Chiropractic practice. 

Kats Chiropractic Consultants brings you one-of-a-kind content designed specifically to keep you in-the-know.  These 10-25 minute programs are perfect for the Chiropractic Entrepreneur looking for weekly development strategies and training on all topics important to Chiropractic practice management.  Topics such as procedures, documentation, patient communication, staff management, and even motivation to help drive your Chiropractic practice to new levels of profitability and success.  Up to four new topics each month to help doctors manage all aspects of your practice with the latest in up-to-date and relevant strategies.  


Watch NOW! 

Enjoy a sample of the KC DOC Talk webinars to see how these webinars are designed for your success.  Each episode offers short snippets so you can quickly learn relevant and important practice tips to increase your profits and positively impact the long-term growth of your Chiropractic practice.