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Your Success Starts in Our Roots

Watch our short video with Dr. David Kats and Dr. Michael Perusich talking about Kats Consultants and the "why's" behind us and consulting.


Kats Consultants Client Benefits

We offer a long list of benefits for our members, making the Kats program one of the most robust and affordable around. Make the investment in your clinic and your future with Kats Consultants. Click on pictures below to learn more...

Staff Training

We offer staff training above and beyond the rest. Staff is invited to our Regional Seminars, Virtual Seminars, and Spectaculars. Give them the extra training they need and the motivation they deserve. 


Coaching is offered in multiple ways to best fit your practice needs.  We offer on-demand and one-on-one coaching for all clients. Plus, you get multiple consultants at your fingertips.

Weekly Inner Circle Calls

Live weekly calls offered for both doctors and staff. Timely concepts discussed in an open forum to help you keep your head-space and focus toward success.

Virtual Seminars

NEW in 2018  Now you don't have to leave the comfort of your office or home. Streamed training programs for doctors and staff 4 times each year.  Plus, we offer a half-day strategic planning and staff development time for each clinic's individual needs. Virtual Seminars are open to both Clients and Guests.

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Leadership Conference 

These 2-day learning events are strategically planned in great locations for doctors and staff. Come and get motivated, build your knowledge, and enjoy great fellowship with clinics from all over the country. These vacation-style seminars are open to both Clients and Guests

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Regional Workshops

These 1-day seminars are packed with information, strategies, and tools that you can use immediately in your clinic.  Watch for us coming to a region near you - LIVE!  Regional are seminars are open to Clients and Guests. 


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Featured Products

Clients receive most products when they join or at discounted rate.

Perfect Practice Blueprint

A 7-week program designed for doctors who are just starting out in practice. Whether you are just finishing up Chiropractic school, moving from Associateship to Ownership or buying a new practice, this unique training program will provide you with the tools to successfully opening your clinic.

5 minute Report of Findings

Your Report of Findings may be one of the most important skills you need to be successful.  Kats Consultants has designed and developed the 5-Minute ROF to help you deliver treatment plan information in a format that patient's believe and want to commit to your care.

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How to give a Health talk

This course gives you access to a 3-week crash course to help you become a great speaker. Presentations, instructions on how to deliver the message, and example videos will have you mastering your speaking skills in no time.  Learn professional skills from professional speaker, Michael Perusich.

Report of Findings Folders

These folders are used to convey written report of findings to your patients. Easy to use with current verbiage, these folders given a clean and professional look  your Report of Findings. 

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