Virtual Seminars

Kats Consultants has produced a unique way to participate in live seminars from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere. Our LIVE KC Virtual Seminars are streamed right to your location where you and your team can participate along with us. But these aren’t the typical virtual events… 

Several years ago, we stumbled onto the concept of adult learning theory (ALT).  ALT explores the methods by which working adults learn, which is a much different process than how we learned when we were younger and in school.

By incorporating experience and motivation into the learning function, working adults are able to absorb more information in less time, while simultaneously incorporating the information into usable components for immediate implementation.

The result is POWERFUL.  You and your team learn more, implement faster, and experience tangible practice success much more quickly.  Plus…no travel expenses…no overtime pay for weekend seminars….no lost information by the end of the weekend…no time away from home.

We also use the quarterly Virtual Seminar events to include another amazing success strategy - Strategic Planning - which is a very important aspect of Chiropractic business success. Strategic Planning affords you and your team the opportunity to immediately discuss the information you learned in the seminar, create action steps for implementation, and combine those processes into your clinic and business strategies.

The Virtual Seminar events truly create a winning approach to your success. 

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"Our office has enjoyed the Virtual Seminars for a variety of reasons. The are thought-provoking, timely, and informative. They allow staff interaction and also interaction with the management team. It is time saving and money saving in that you are not having to spend money or time traveling to a "distant" location, spend money staying in a hotel and or a plane flight. I think Dr. Perusich and his management team are excellent teachers who cover thought-provoking and relevant material that help with team and practice. Keep up the great work."

Sincerely, Dr. Roffler