Statistical Tools for Chiropractic Practice 

Benefits Statistics 


Chiropractic practices who utilize statistical management tools to evaluate their business are often the most successful.  Keeping track of valuable stats such as collections, patient retention, new patients, and profitability are essential to positive practice outcomes and meeting your goals.  

At Kats Consultants, we help bring a bevy of statistical tools into your Chiropractic practice.  Think of us as your “CFO with an MBA” helping you track your numbers and forecast your future success.  

These Chiropractic-specific statistical models provide you with invaluable insights into the practice and help with forecasting, trend analyses, and developing effective strategies for growth and revenue development.  Your stats will also help uncover small issues before they become big ones.

The bottomline…the Kats Statistical tools help you improve your practice efficiency and profitability without diverting your Chiropractic focus on patient care.

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