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How to Manage Your Chiropractic Practice in 2023

chiropractic business strategies Dec 22, 2022
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How to Manage Your Chiropractic Practice in 2023

By Dr. Michael Perusich

One of the top questions I’m often asked is, “how do I grow my practice?”  In some ways the answer to practice growth is simple, and in other ways, the answer is much more complex.  

The simple response is, to have the practice that you dream about AND one that is bulletproof from audits, dropouts, and staffing issues, you must have a qualified chiropractic business advisor on your team.  As the doctor, you have too many responsibilities to even think you can accomplish it all by yourself. 

Successful practices function as a team, and every team needs a coach and a consultant to show you what you don’t catch sight of, even in your own practice. 

And that’s precisely what a business advisor is - coach, consultant, and your board of directors all in one.

Furthermore, the deeper and more complex answer for real chiropractic growth lies in how you manage your practice.  Here’s how a business advisor can help you attack the hidden layers of practice management.

Do you deep-dive-analyze your stats each month and monitor the trends that really define your success?  The statistical side of the practice acts like your road map.  It’s the black-and-white of what is really going on with your business.  From accounts receivable to collections averages and dropouts, stats never lie so make them your friend.  Find an advisor that understands how to read your stats and help you analyze them over time.

Are you spending the time to train staff and create an engaged team?  This requires you to not only schedule the time but create the type of training and development that will take your staff to the next level.  Your staff will either make you or break you.  The choice is yours.  Hire an advisor that offers great team training to immerse your staff in your success.

What does your service look like?  I’m not talking about how good you are at adjusting or how great you are at being the doctor, as I’m certain you have those bases covered.  However, the level of service you and your team deliver should create an experience that makes patients want to complete your care recommendations, retain in the practice long-term, and open their network to you. 

Creating a customer service experience that gives patients the WOW factor is how you build a long-term referral-based practice.  Find a chiropractic business advisor that not only understands this principle but can help you create it.

The difference between today’s top practices and those that are struggling really comes down to two things - whether or not you have the tenacity and the character to drive success, and whether you have the clarity to realize you can’t do it alone.  

Today’s success in chiropractic is born out of the doctor who has an advisor on their team to help them remain COMMITTED and ENGAGED.  You have to do much more than just show up each day. 

You must be fully dedicated to your success by building a foundation around chiropractic practice management.