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We challenge ourselves to provide innovative, personal and sustainable solutions for the success of every Chiropractic coaching client. 


We consider it an honor to work with Chiropractic Physicians one-on-one … and the results speak for themselves. 

Our Story 

Dr. David Kats started the original Kats Management Group in 1982.  In 1998, after seeing Dr. Kats speak at a Kats seminar, Dr. Michael Perusich walked up to Dr. Kats and said, "someday I would like to be on that stage speaking alongside you."  The next year, the two began working together with Dr. Perusich speaking at Kats seminars and coaching clients, while building one of the largest practices in the Midwest.  A few years later, Dr. Kats sold the original consulting company, and Dr. Perusich founded BackBone Consulting to fill the void in the profession for true Chiropractic business consulting.  Then in 2016, Drs. Kats and Perusich once again teamed up as Kats Chiropractic Consultants.  And, as they say, the rest is history!

Dr. Michael Perusich, Chief Encouragement Officer & Success Strategist

Michael has been consulting for more than 30 years.  His vast experience encompasses many sectors including management, marketing, human resources and finance. As an entrepreneur, Michael has owned and operated businesses both in the finance and healthcare industries.  Michael has operated several successful chiropractic and multi-disciplinary clinics and was featured in Chiropractic Economics for his success in chiropractic sports therapy and rehab.  After graduating Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic college, he has been consulting with Chiropractors for many years working with some of the biggest clinics in the country. 

In addition to being recognized as one of the top chiropractic business consultants, Michael is also a nationally known speaker and author.  His work has been featured on Google Podcasts, Dynamic Chiropractic, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Chiropractic Economics, and even on television.  He has also been featured as a keynote speaker at many chiropractic events around the country and is a certified John Maxwell coach and speaker.  Michael has also served on the board of the Cleveland Chiropractic Alumni Board and held several committee positions within the ACA.  

Michael is also the proud father of one daughter.  She is currently studying Sports Marketing and hopes to become a sports agent.  She is someday expected to change the world.

Marisa Mateja, Chief Opportunities Officer & CA Ninja

Marisa serves as our COO, which simply means…she does everything! In addition to holding degree in Business Administration, Marisa has more than 20 years of experience in medical office management, insurance billing, electronic health records management, human resources, and staff training and motivation. As a Kats Consultants member, Marisa will be your lead advisor to assist you with event registration, product ordering and any other client service needs you may have. Marisa is the “at your fingertips authority” for help with many of your practice management needs.

Marisa is married to Eric and they have two kids.  Her daughter is currently studying for a degree in marketing, and her son is sharpening his skills on the golf course.  They are also the proud parents of two beautiful, spoiled, and very large dogs. 

Dr. Troy Fox, Chief Inspirational Dynamo

Troy, having started his career in education, is well-versed as a teacher and mentor. As a Chiropractic Physician, he has helped chiropractor entrepreneurs achieve practice success since the inception of his first practice in 1996. Since then, he has been involved in the successful business operations of many different industries including chiropractic, oil and gas, and real estate.  As a result, Troy offers powerful personalized insight into clinic success, as well as the tools to evaluate your clinic for service and leadership gaps that may inhibit your practice growth.  

Troy is married to Bridget, and they have two boys that are very involved in tennis.  When Troy isn’t jumping over the net at the boys’ matches, you’ll find him on the golf course or relaxing by the pool.

Dr. Patrick Hammond, Rockstar Consultant

Patrick is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College-Kansas City.  He has practiced in the Kansas City area for more than 20 years. Patrick has served as the Chiropractic Consultant for the Kansas City Royals since 2002, where he has the great opportunity to work the 2012 All-Star Game in Kansas City, and has taken part in two World Series including 2014 when the KC Royals were crowned World Series Champions.  Patrick is also a Board member of the Professional Baseball Chiropractic Society, and past chairman of the Cleveland Chiropractic Alumni Board and Board of Trustees.

Patrick is married to Brandy and they have two very active boys.  Patrick enjoys spending time at the ballpark during baseball season, and is a frequent visitor of Cabo, Mexico.


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