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Time for an Update

Time for an Update

By Dr. Michael Perusich, President Kats Consultants

Have you noticed lately that it seems that almost every business has a newly updated and current look?  From fast-food restaurants to the local dry cleaner, businesses are finding value in freshening up their look.

And it makes sense.  A new look means you are current with today’s trends, styles, and services.  The fast food restaurant may be serving the same burgers, but new paint and furniture on the inside and a fresh facade on the outside keeps them attractive to patrons.

The reason is today’s consumer finds value in having a complete experience.  They are attracted to services, vendors, and companies that look and feel current.  Take for example the food truck. These novelty vendors are sweeping the country with their new twist on fast food service.  It’s unique, it’s novel, it’s fun. And it represents a new way of doing business for the restaurant...

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