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Kats Consultants Video Tip Liability Insurance


Dr. Michael Perusich: Hi everybody. This is Dr. Michael Perusich and Dr. David Kats. We've got a video tip for you this week. One of the things that we always recommend is checking into, every year doing a little check up on your professional liability insurance, and making sure that you're covered in a manner that you should be.

Dr. David Kats: That's right. It doesn't take but one call, and it's usually they're very interested in talking to you. You can usually get right through and talk to your malpractice carrier and find out if you're doing anything that you need to have special coverage for. Most in church malpractice carriers will cover you for about anything, but a lot of times they want you to let them know if you're doing anything out the ordinary. I'd say every year or two, you probably should call your malpractice carrier and just talk to them and see if they feel you're properly covered.

Dr. Michael Perusich: That's right. Making sure if you've got associates in...

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