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Kats Consultants No Show Rate


Mike: Hi, everybody. I'm Mike Perusich, Patrick Hammond, David Kats with Kats Consultants. Thanks for listening today. David, you had a topic you wanted to talk about today.

David: Yes. One of the things that I have found in consulting, I found it quite by accident, was that if your no-show rate is high enough, your practice will plateau regardless of what size practice you have. Before the age of computers, I hate to say this, maybe when the computers were just starting, we took our client stats and we laid them out in a long row and we looked at their no-show rate. Some people had a no-show rate of nearly 50% and some people had a no-show rate of about 7%. What we found is if you went to about 13%, anybody that has a no-show rate of less than 13% was growing, and anybody that had a no-show rate of more than 13% was plateaued or possibly even going downhill.

The way you figure that out, you see how many patients were supposed to be here today, and then how many patients...

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