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Kats Consultants Katnip Setting the Pace

Michael Perusich: Hi, everybody. Mike Perusich, Patrick Hammond and David Kats with Kats Consultants. Thanks for joining us today. Guys, I thought we talked a little bit today about setting the pace in our clinics. As the doctor and owner of the practice, we really should be setting the pace, being the example leader, lead by example if you will, in the practice as the owner of the practice. How do you guys do that?

David Kats: Go ahead.

Patrick Hammond: Okay. Mine is, I get there early. I think you set the tone. If you can walk in late, you're already behind for the day. You get there early, you walk in with a positive body language, you're ready to rock and roll. You got to set that tone so your staff says, "Oh man, Dr. Hammond, he's raising up the day, right?" But if you come in and go, "Hey, what's up," low key, it's already setting the tone. You got to set the tone about high pace and be ready to go. Then when that first patient comes in you got to be all smiles, you got to...

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Kats Consultants Video Tip Hot Seats



Speaker 1: Welcome to your weekly video tip with Kats Consultants.

Speaker 2: Good morning, Michael, welcome to the clinic.

Michael Perusich: Hi everybody, Michael Perusich here with Kats Consultants and I've got a video tip for you. Oftentimes our clinics get very, very busy and we have people waiting in the reception area far too long. There is a little rule that we like to talk to our clients about. That's the 10 minute rule with patient care. Patients should not sit in any one place waiting on care for more than 10 minutes. Every 10 minutes of waiting time feels like 30 minutes of waiting time to them, so we want to make sure that we have staging areas in the clinic where we can move them to. The first area is the reception area, which is an obvious area in most of our clinics.

Second would be the hot seats, and then finally would be the treatment area where you're going to actually see the patient for care. At this point, in my waiting period, waiting for care,...

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