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Coffee with Kats Maintenance Care


Mike: Hi everybody I'm Mike Perusich, Dave Kats and Patrick Hammond with Kats Cnsultants. Thanks for joining us today. I thought something we ought to really talk about is maintenance care, and the fact that maintenance care is typically not covered by insurance especially Medicare. They don't cover it at all. Most of these companies have very specific rules. Let's throw that out on the table.

Dave: One thing with maintenance is doctors think if I quit charging insurance and have the patient pay for maintenance, all my patients, all my maintenance patients are going to quit but I've seen this for 30 years and that is absolutely not true. When you convert somebody from insurance paying to once a month maintenance, they're going to stay with you in 95% of the case.

Mike: I can give you a great example of that and that's my practice. I converted my entire practice from an insurance-based practice to a cash maintenance practice, and now my patients are begging me to come in...

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Kats Consultants Video Take Care of What you Have

Dr. David Kats: Do you know that one of the biggest things you could do to build your practice is just take care of the patients you have? I had a doctor once, a wise doctor when I was young tell me, "You don't need more new patients, you just need to take care of the ones you have." That's very true. As a result, when I released a patient, I put 100% of my patients on a wellness.

I don't care if 9 out of 10 of them didn't follow through. That didn't give me the excuse to not suggest wellness for the 10th person. You know yourself that anytime somebody gets a chiropractic condition, even though it's corrected, the chance of that condition coming back is much higher for them than for somebody that's never had it before. If there's anybody that should ever get in for wellness care with chiropractic, it's the person that you've treated, the active patient that's now going to wellness program. Treat everybody, put everybody on a wellness program.

Dr. Michael Perusich: I think that's...

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