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covid19 May 10, 2020

There’s a Renaissance Coming in Chiropractic


There’s a new way of doing business.  There’s a new approach to attract consumers to your business.  There’s a new way of communicating to your marketplace.  

Last week, the Kats Team attended a large seminar on the current trends in marketing.  We attend this conference each year, because it has amazingly relevant  information that helps us direct the marketing and new patient acquisition programs we design for our clients.  

During the seminar, we heard speaker after speaker talk about change, living in a new touchless world, and the consumer driven response to the pandemic which is lowering business-to-consumer trust.

Overnight the world has morphed into a new model of doing business and consumer trends have changed.  And that was the resounding theme we heard over and over from speakers.  Everything has changed and there are new opportunities in the...

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