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Kats Consultants Video Tip Weak Spot in Practice

David Kats: Hi, this is David Kats and Mike Perusich for Kats Consultants and we have a tip for you. Today we want to talk to you about where your weak spot is in your practice. Michael, why don't you give them an example? Michael Perusich: Yes, we talk about statistical averages all the time and things like new patients, for example. The national average for chiropractors right now is about 17 new patients per month. So if you're not at 17, that could be your weak spot, that could be one of the things you need to work on. Patient Visit Average, your PVA should be up around 25. Again, if you're not hitting 25 or better, then that could be one of your weak spots that is not allowing you to grow your practice. Collection, the national average on collections per patient visit is between 40 and 75 depending on whether insurance or cash but again, that weak spot is important to look at statistically because, I always say this to my clients, numbers don't ever lie. And when you look at...

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