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Kats Consultants Kat-nip Calm Determination


Mike Perusich: Hi, everybody, Mike Perusich and Patrick Hammond with Kats Consultants. Patrick, one of the things that I think builds doctor authority is having calm determination. Let's talk about that a little bit today.

Patrick Hammond: Yes, you just can't become too reactive to good, and bad, and everything in the middle. If a patient states that they're feeling better, you don't go, "Wow, that's great," or if they feel a little worse, you go, "Oh, boy."

Mike: "Don't know why that happened."

Patrick: Right. You got to have that calm determination. You got to understand where they're coming from, but also be prepared for different things that can happen throughout your day.

Mike: That's right. There's lots of things that can happen. When you're dealing with the public and you're in a healthcare situation, you can have all kinds of emergencies, for example. I can give you a great example that happened in my office one time. I had an elderly...

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