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Kats Consultants Video Importance of the Schedule



Michael Perusich: Hi everybody, Michael Perusich and David Kats with Kats Consultants. We've got a video tip for you. David, I think this week we need to really talk about and focus in on scheduling. We hear this a lot of times from doctors, "I can't see more patients. I've reached capacity." I tell doctors all the time the same thing, "You've got to look at your scheduling."

Your scheduling should be so orchestrated that you have slots, you have positions for every type of patient coming in, whether it's a rehab patient, or a new patient, or a re-evaluation patient, or just a maintenance patient. They should have specific slots in your schedule so that you make the schedule flow as efficiently and effectively as you can.

David Kats: If you think that you're busy, a lot of times it's just in your mind that you're busy. I remember so well when I was seeing three people every 15 minutes and we still used an old manual appointment book in those days and the staff said,...

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