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Michel Perusich: Hi everybody. I'm Mike Perusich, David Kats, Patrick Hammond, with Kats Consultants. Hey guys, what's the one thing you could do with your practice tomorrow to increase your revenue?

David Kats: You go ahead, Pat.

Patrick Hammond: Okay. Well, the one thing I do is, I really talk about and I take a few moments to think about the other services that I have in my office and sometimes I get too busy that I get away from. I don't think anybody else ever has that problem. Sometimes you just get so caught up in seeing patients, so you go, "Oh my gosh, I have a laser, I sell pillows, I have supplements." So a lot of times you have to slow down for a moment, think about what this patient could really benefit from the use of. Usually, it always ties in, and once that happens, it just takes off.

David: Yes. Many years ago, I wrote a book that you had referred to, what it said, "101 things that work so well, I had to quit doing them."

Michel:  That book is...

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