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168: The Trends in Chiropractic

chiropractic business managment Apr 07, 2024
Kats Consultants
168: The Trends in Chiropractic


Welcome to the KC CHIROpulse Podcast.  

This week’s topic: The Trends in Chiropractic

The KC CHIROpulse Podcast is designed for Chiropractic professionals ready to elevate their practice to new heights, and is hosted by Kats Consultants coaches Dr Michael Perusich and Dr. Troy Fox, both seasoned experts in Chiropractic care and business development.  This podcast provides invaluable insights and actionable strategies to help you create a flourishing and sustainable Chiropractic business.


In this episode, we discuss:


  • What are some of the common trends we see in practice
  • How Chiropractors are under review by the insurance companies
  • Why building up the cash side of practice can help insulate you from declining profits
  • Why you may need to change your patient communication methods to create better retention
  • …and so much more…



In each episode of KC CHIROpulse, we delve into crucial aspects of building a successful Chiropractic practice, covering topics such as establishing a strong foundation, adopting a patient-centric approach, mastering marketing techniques, achieving financial fitness, fostering effective team building and leadership, integrating technology and innovation, and navigating common challenges in the field.

Whether you're a seasoned chiropractor or just starting your practice, the KC CHIROpulse Podcast offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice to help you navigate the intricate world of Chiropractic business. Join us on this journey as we explore proven strategies, share success stories, and connect with industry experts to empower you in your pursuit of building a thriving Chiropractic practice.

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DISCLAIMER:  The information presented in this broadcast is for educational purposes only and is not intended to offer legal, investment, accounting, or medical advice.  Seek the consultation of a professional for advice in those areas. And remember…your results using this information may be different than described.