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Kats Consultants CHIROPulse: The Pruning Shears

chiropractic business managment May 12, 2022

The Pruning Shears

By Dr. Michael Perusich

This time of year it seems like everyone is getting back outside.  The sun and warmth feel great plus everything begins to grow again after the long winter.

As we take a step back and watch spring unfold, we often see the wranglings of winter.  As such, this is a great time of year to trim up that yard and prune back the trees, bushes, and shrubs.  

Pruning has many benefits including promoting healthier growth, improving their appearance and shape, allowing more sunlight to filter into them, helping plants maintain their shape, and reducing hazards caused by excessive overgrowth.  

Sometimes we need to do some pruning in our practices, as each one of these benefits can help us there too.  

Taking a step back and pruning our marketing programs can help us create healthier growth.  Cut away those things that aren’t working anymore and test new and creative ideas.  Scrap the gimmicky give-away programs, and fill your practice with patients who find the value in what you do.

Looking at the appearance and shape of our clinic inside and out can help look and feel refreshed.  A new coat of paint, pruning out the old magazines, getting rid of the clutter, and even new uniforms can give us a fresh new step.

Bringing more light into the practice can also offer a positive jolt in practice growth.  Creating a culture of positivity, support of each other, and a sense of engagement can quickly drive a practice beyond most imagined goals.

And finally, a little pruning to our processes and procedures can provide some vast benefits.  Rethinking how we do things can help us be more efficient, increase capacity, and oftentimes bring us more profitability.

It's pruning season.  So get out the pruning shears and let’s shape up the practice and prepare it for growth as if it was a beautiful budding tree!