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Kats Consultants CHIROpulse: The Act of DistrACTion

act series motivation articles blog chiropractic consulting chiropractic practice management chiropractor kats consultants kc chiropulse Apr 26, 2022

The ACT of DistrACTion

By Michael Perusich - Kats Consultants CHIROPulse

Distraction is defined as, “a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else.” 

Distractions can be dangerous.  If you get distracted while driving, you may have an accident.  Get distracted at the airport, you may miss your plane.  Get distracted while at the beach, you may get sunburned.  Getting distracted causes problems and puts you off track.

We often get distracted in the clinic too.  Sometimes we’re not fully paying attention to patients and we miss the signals that key us in on building long-term relationships.  At other times, we don’t pay enough attention to staff and they don’t receive the training, insights, and empowerment from you to be most effective in their role.

There are also intangible distractions such as not having well-crafted goals and specific action steps to meet those goals.  As has been aptly said, without a road map you have no direction.

Take ACTion and choose to be present when you’re with patients.  Be present when you’re with staff.  Be present with your goals and ACTion plans.  Stay focused and don’t let distrACTions cause you to lose trACTion and ultimately damage your chances for success.