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Kats Consultants CHIROPulse: I Missed It

chiropractic business managment May 02, 2022

I Missed It

By Dr. Michael Perusich

When I was a kid we would often take long car trips on holidays. On those trips, my father enjoyed pointing out interesting sites along the road.  Because I was sitting in the back seat and not paying attention, by the time I looked up, we had already passed whatever was interesting.  My response was always the same, “I missed it again!”  Dad would laugh and say, “you have to look up and ahead to see what’s coming.”

He was right - at 70 MPH, it's hard to see much of anything unless you’re paying attention ahead of time.  And it’s more than just paying attention.  You have to be “looking up and ahead” to truly envision what’s approaching or you’ll miss it.

It’s easy to miss the oncoming opportunities in practice.  We’re usually head down, seeing patients, keeping up with the pace and documentation, and barely squeaking out enough time to pay the bills and manage staff.  Unfortunately, this sometimes causes us to miss some very important events in the life of our businesses.

Here’s one such event that I see many doctors miss.  The opportunity to create a paradigm shift in your practice and move from being a business owner to an entrepreneur.  This event does not occur in everyone’s practice career, but for those for whom it does, this is a huge opportunity to move into a position of full control over your business.  This opportunity is so powerful that it literally unlocks the door to unlimited profits, more time-off, and much less stressful practice.

Far too often we miss the paradigm shift when it arises because we’re moving too fast down the road and not looking far enough ahead.  Those missed signs include how much of a referral base you have and what percentage of your practice is funded by patients versus third-party reimbursement.  As a result, we continue doing what we’ve been doing because we’ve always done it that way.  And that my friends are the definition of insanity!

Having a great coach in your corner helps you to look ahead and see the signs no matter how fast you are going.  If you want to find out more, call us to find out if you qualify for a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Perusich to talk about your practice and how Kats Consultants may be able to help you see the signs.