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Intentional Chiropractic Success

chiropractic business managment Aug 24, 2023

Intentional Chiropractic Success

By Dr. Michael Perusich


Success doesn’t happen by accident.  It’s an intentional process requiring an investment of time, capital, and resources.  The fact is that success requires a strong will to bring it to fruition.

I often hear doctors being very negative about their businesses and lamenting that they can’t make money in this economy, their community doesn’t support chiropractic, or that chiropractic is just failing them.  

When I hear this I’m always reminded of the famous quote from Napoleon Hill, “You become what you think about.”  In my opinion, the biggest difference between success and failure is whether or not you have the willful intent to keep success at the forefront of your thinking.  

Clouding your thought process with negativity will drive you in the wrong direction.  If you let practice bring you down, then your success will be down.  If you are fearful of conversations with patients, then you will be too timid to have that talk.  If you aren’t intentional about profitable treatment plans, moving patients to wellness, or developing your staff, then your results will drag you under.

In today’s economy, the strong will survive.  There are HUGE opportunities for Chiropractors in this type of business environment.  In fact, the financial guru Harry Dent said it best, “...more millionaires per capita were created during the Great Depression than at any other time in history.”

In other words, now is the time to enjoy a successful practice.

However, we are currently seeing a major divide in the profession that is becoming even wider.  In the next few years, there will be those docs who see huge success because they were intentional about finding opportunities and capitalizing on them.  On the other side of the divide will be those who did not react to market and consumer changes.  Unfortunately, their results may not be substantial enough to sustain those practices. 

So the choice is yours.  Do you have the willful intention to do what it takes to be successful?  Or will it be business as usual?  

My hope is that the Chiropractic profession will see the opportunity to seize the day.  Our team is constantly working to disrupt the old methods of practice management and define new ways to create measurable success.  

Make the intentional choice to manage your practice at the speed of this rapidly changing business environment.  Afterall, your family, staff, patients, the community, and your profession are worth the effort you put forth.

Carpe Diem!

Dr. Michael Perusich is a solutions-focused advisor with more than 25 years of success across the healthcare and consulting industries. His broad areas of expertise include coaching, training, content development, and motivational speaking.  Dr. Perusich is the CEO of Kats Consultants, LLC. where he and his team offer a unique platform of business knowledge and tools for today's Chiropractic entrepreneur.