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Chiropractic Success is Mental

chiropractic motivation Mar 01, 2023
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Chiropractic Success is Mental

By Dr. Michael Perusich


Picture a scenario where It’s late in the fourth quarter and your team is behind…now hold onto that thought for a moment. 

Last fall, we attended a national Chiropractic conference where we had the blessed opportunity to speak at the event as well as talk with many doctors.  Sadly I noticed a common theme in many of our conversations with Chiropractors - practices were down, doctors were burned out and frustrated, most had no direction or plan to change, and many commented that they were ready to give up their practices.  

This reminds me so much of the sports world.  Think about this scenario and picture it in your mind…How many times have we seen superstar athletes create those amazing come-from-behind victories?  How do athletes like Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady do it week after week?  Is it just dumb luck and being in the right place, or in the right profession?

The answer is NO!  It’s all in their mental attitude toward the game.  They possess the will and desire to never give up, and to push through adversity, and they have the rock-solid spirit and endurance to win.

But there’s another hidden aspect to their success.  Call it the special sauce or the secret ingredient.

It's in the coaching.

Keeping superstar athletes pumped up, believing in themselves, creating alternatives to the game plan, instilling a winning attitude in the players, and keeping alive their endurance to win happens because of coaching.

And those superstars have a lot of coaches - head coach, passing coach, running coach, strength coach, nutrition coach, mental coach, financial coach, etc.  All to keep them fine-tuned and at the top of their game.

When you and your team are behind in the fourth quarter, the best and most well-coached players have the mindset to win. Those are the ones that are in the game ready to gain that extra edge to execute a winning strategy for success.  When the team is behind, Mahomes isn’t thinking about losing - he’s thinking about winning.

Winning is all in the mental attitude you bring every day.  It’s in the amount of practice time you and your team set aside each week to improve your Chiropractic game plan.  And it’s all in the Chiropractic management coaching you surround yourself with to create the mental capacity to attain practice success.

Right now there is tremendous opportunity in Chiropractic if you just know how to implement the right strategies, follow the right tactics, do the right training, and create the mindset of a winner.

Chiropractic success is all in the mindset.