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Chiropractic Fear of Management

chiropractic business strategies Oct 27, 2022
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The Fears of  Management Practice

By Dr. Michael Perusich


Running a Chiropractic business has as many ghosts, goblins, and witch’s tricks as any scary haunted house.   With Halloween coming soon, we are exploring scary good tips for overcoming the fears in practice.  


The fear of staff management is this week’s demon of practice fears.


A recent study indicated 93% of employees want easy-to-complete training, and 91% want their training to be personalized and relevant. 


The biggest takeaway was that employees indicated that on-the-job training relevant to both their personal and positional development was a key factor for staying with a job.   


Staff training is paramount to your success.  It helps retain good employees, takes more workload off of the doctor-owner, and leads to improved patient outcomes and more referrals. Training also builds trust between the employees and owner, helps to mitigate conflict, encourages more effective communication, and increases team collaboration. 


Effective team building leads to engaged employees, a more positive company culture, all leading to more company profits.  The ROI on team building is well worth the effort.


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