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157: Cracking the Chiropractic Marketing code

chiropractic business managment Jan 21, 2024
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157: Cracking the Chiropractic Marketing code

Cracking the Chiropractic Marketing Code
Dr Michael Perusich, Marisa Mateja
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Dr Michael Perusich: Have you cracked the code for Chiropractic marketing?
Marisa Mateja: has anybody
Dr Michael Perusich: I don't think so. All right, everybody Welcome to the KC CHIROpulse Podcast brought to you by Kat's Consultants helping doctors keep their pulse on success. I'm Dr. Michael perusich, and I'm joined by my host Marisa Mateja, also known as the overview knower. That’s her title
Marisa Mateja: yes, I know a little bit about a lot, right?
Dr Michael Perusich: A lot about a little bit. No, a…
Marisa Mateja: I don't know.
Dr Michael Perusich: Hey, seriously, we get these calls all the time. We talked to doctors all the time. And one of the major speed bumps if you will in practice seems to be marketing. And it's tough.
Marisa Mateja: It's tough, you have to obviously start with the start with a good brand presence, which means you got to have your logo and your coloring in your basic stuff down your online Persona, who are you and sometimes that's knowing your why more than anything.
Dr Michael Perusich: Yep, okay.
Marisa Mateja: So for all you young backs out there, I would suggest really nailing down and figuring out Who you are as a chiropractic physician? And what you plan to bring to the community that you're in?
Dr Michael Perusich: Okay, so hold on we talked about this whole why factor a lot? In fact, we're doing a whole Mastermind on this right now.
Marisa Mateja: Yeah. Correct.
Dr Michael Perusich: Your why is so important. If you don't know why then it's kind of like driving across country without a road map. You really don't know…
Marisa Mateja: Yeah. or…
Dr Michael Perusich: what you're doing.
Marisa Mateja: Google Maps
Dr Michael Perusich: Or Google Maps. Yeah or GPS or yeah, so if you don't know why you really haven't mapped out where you were going and practice and this is incredibly important, yes and in the beginning of practice you want to get every spine in the door that you can I get that but after about the first six months to a year, so you really should be starting to kind of drill down to the patients that are attracted to your why and if you don't know then you really won't attract to anybody of stature so that why is an absolute foundational component.
Marisa Mateja: It is and why you are more likely to be able to ask patients for testimonies. You're more likely to be able to ask and let me back you should be able to ask the right patients for customers.
Dr Michael Perusich: the right patients exactly
Marisa Mateja: You should also be able to ask the right patients for referrals and I think Back up one more step. Not only do you have to Market in your practice, but you have to sell and I know thanks.
Dr Michael Perusich: Wow, the four letter word cell, but it's true.
Marisa Mateja: Everybody just passed up. Yeah, do you have to sell and to sell that is being able to approach people and ask them for testimonies. It's being able to ask them for referrals guys. It referrals are.
Marisa Mateja: Still number one way people come to you whether you believe it or not. It's still the number one way that you get patients in.
Dr Michael Perusich: It's true.
Marisa Mateja: door is by referrals you can increase that exponentially if you're asking for referrals, and you're the right way,…
Dr Michael Perusich: And asking the right way.
Marisa Mateja: correct, so that's one of the big places I think that a lot of offices fall down because they don't want to ask they want to Not sell their service to other people but yet that's the number one way people get to you. And do you know that those people that are referred to you will spend 25% more in your practice than if they were someone just coming up the street or seeing your other kind of marketing.
Dr Michael Perusich: Wow, that's a big statistic. That's big.
Marisa Mateja: That's a big statistic 25% more. Why do we know why because 92% of those people believe in who sent them to see they have trust in the people that are telling them.
Dr Michael Perusich: No. Yeah.
Marisa Mateja: You're the one to go see.
Dr Michael Perusich: So for every hundred dollars. That The referred patient spends a hundred and twenty-five. I want to provide service to the ones to pay the most?
Marisa Mateja: Yeah.
Marisa Mateja: Right, absolutely. And it's not just that they pay more but there's another factor and that's what they stay longer in practice with you.
Dr Michael Perusich: I mean that's a no-brainer.
Dr Michael Perusich: They stay in practice and that's huge because that's how you build a business. I don't care. What kind of business you are. We can talk Chiropractic. We can talk Hamburger Stand we can talk a box store. The only way you build a long-term business is by retention. It's not shoving more new people in the front door. It's keeping them from falling out the back door.
Marisa Mateja: Yeah, and I think we missed that in our profession, long time ago. Our profession has been built around the new patient. It's been built around we have to see more more…
Dr Michael Perusich: It right.
Marisa Mateja: but the problem is we're not paying attention to what you just said who's going out the back door. So the more comes…
Dr Michael Perusich: right
Marisa Mateja: because we're not focused on some of the key factors in our practice…
Dr Michael Perusich: Absolutely and…
Marisa Mateja: which absolutely is retention.
Dr Michael Perusich: being focused on the new patient so much is the cable company effect. we're gonna give you a deal to get you in the door. But once you're a customer once your client wants your patient, there's no more deals. we're going to present you came in for 19 dollars.
Marisa Mateja: Yeah.
Dr Michael Perusich: We're gonna present you with a 2,500 treatment plan. Okay, that's tough. The only way you can make that work is to be really good at and I'm gonna say it this time selling.
Marisa Mateja: Yeah.
Dr Michael Perusich: And I just want to make a quick point on this. I don't want to be labor it too much. Marketing and selling go hand in hand. And again, I don't care what business you are you have to do both and I know in our profession. We have a tendency to want to just shut down when we hear the cell word. But here's the difference between the two and why they have to be together marketing gets people to your door. Selling keeps them inside. And if you don't do the two you may be really good at getting people to the door. But if you're dropouts are high and people are dropping out of the first second third fifth visit. It's because you're not telling them why they need to say so marketing is telling them you have a service. They might want to utilize but selling is connecting your service to their need.
Marisa Mateja: And you touched on it big time right there.
Dr Michael Perusich: for the microbe
Marisa Mateja: Our marketing has to touch on that emotional component and…
Dr Michael Perusich: right
Marisa Mateja: the need and whatever they have going on with their body and those kind of things. If you're not tying it to the emotional connection, you're gonna struggle with your sales you have to connect those two dots…
Dr Michael Perusich: into story
Marisa Mateja: because we are people of emotion and we really pay attention to what triggers our emotion and what's going to help fix some of the things that are those components in our health and…
Dr Michael Perusich: Yep. Yes. Yes.
Marisa Mateja: those kind of things so, referrals another good statistic to think about is On average we talk about 90 different products a week.
Dr Michael Perusich: Wow.
Marisa Mateja: Is that a weird stat? We talk about 90 different products a week, as consumers in general I hope that your patients are talking about you as we'll call ourselves a product of service,…
Dr Michael Perusich: as consumers wow.
Dr Michael Perusich: right
Marisa Mateja: We want them to be talking about us. So if we are I'll go back to my referral example,…
Dr Michael Perusich: That's crazy.
Marisa Mateja: but if we are asking people to talk about us. To the people that their friends with more than likely they will because we've brought it to the Forefront of their minds.
Dr Michael Perusich: that's crazy. I'm Blown Away by that stat. I'm gonna have to start thinking about how often I mentioned a product.
Marisa Mateja: I know it made me start thinking about it. I'm like, that maybe accurate.
Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah, how can you leverage that so that you're a big percentage of that 90 products Services? Yeah, it's all lumped in there together. I'm sure that's interesting. Okay, so I have a question for You mentioned branding earlier.
Marisa Mateja: Sure.
Dr Michael Perusich: So as a clinic, We've got our Google page. We've got our Twitter X now, let's call. So we got all these social media platforms when it comes to branding.
Marisa Mateja: right
Dr Michael Perusich: Do we need to look different on each platform, or do we need to create some congruency?
Marisa Mateja: but both So…
Dr Michael Perusich: awesome explain
Marisa Mateja: what I mean by that is you're gonna use your same logo colors those kind of things but each platform you may be talking to different audiences. So on your platforms, you have to determine who's your followers, who are those people that are listening to you on the different platforms. Great example Facebook's going to be a plethora of different age groups. More than likely. Okay, you've got everybody from your teenage. Patients all the way through your geriatric patients anymore, a lot of them have Facebooks. I know my parents do and they're in their 70s, so
Marisa Mateja: We're getting to that point where Facebook covers a really broad range of age groups. Okay, obviously, that's just one demographic that I'm talking about here.
Dr Michael Perusich: right
Marisa Mateja: But the demographics gonna be who are your followers so every now and then go look and see who's following you because the information that you give on Facebook if it's a higher older group may be different than the information you give on Instagram for instance. So while it can be the same Instagram you may end up with a more youthful audience there so it may be more about moms or kids or Hey baby more about some products or different things that relate to that age group. So look at who's following you on the different platforms.
Dr Michael Perusich: That's a good tip.
Marisa Mateja: Twitter, that's a tough one. I think locally, you just need to be following some people that are local businesses and those kind of things to be able to comment on their stuff and hopefully they're coming back on your stuff and those kind of things, in the same thing goes with Tiktoks if you can find your Niche on videos, that's a great place to be. you can have a lot of fun there and people want to be places that are fun. I think the problem with tiktok is you just have to be careful that you're not doing a ton of adjusting and…
Dr Michael Perusich: jump
Marisa Mateja: you're scaring people. …
Dr Michael Perusich: right
Marisa Mateja: we've all seen those tiktoks that make you cringe, and things we just have to stay away from that my suggestion is to own
Dr Michael Perusich: that you're being made fun of or denigrated.
Marisa Mateja: right Exactly. So my recommendation is before you do any kind of adjusting ever on video. I would get with your malpractice company and…
Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah.
Marisa Mateja: ask them questions about what they recommend. I think you'll be surprised on…
Dr Michael Perusich: Yep, that's good point. That's good point.
Marisa Mateja: what they recommend. So just make sure yeah,…
Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah, we know what the government.
Marisa Mateja: yeah that would be my recommendation there.
Dr Michael Perusich: so we've got all these different social media platforms. Let's talk a little bit about social media strategy. how do we actually?
Dr Michael Perusich: Leverage all these platforms. So they're working and how do we manage this whole thing?
Marisa Mateja: it's the one thing that I think is our second area of places. We fall down in practice we get busy and we forget to plan. So I think content calendars are incredibly helpful. If you're planning out your marketing and that means, every single week what's gonna go out on what days you've got it planned out. If you're gonna do videos you've got them recorded ahead of time, it's all about planning correctly and making sure that you're putting out the messages that you want and that goes down to what kind of month is it. So great example, January, what's the biggest thing that you think of in January? It's getting healthy, It's getting our resolutions in order. It's starting back on a workout plan. I'm eating right again. I've gotten through the holidays if you're gonna have those kind of messages and that's important to your listeners. It's a great time to do that, especially if you offer
Marisa Mateja: Loss or Wellness programs in your office.
Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah, that's great. And when it comes to making videos we hear from doctors all the time. I am scared to death to make a video. and that's okay to have a little stage right in doing them. But the more you do them the better you get at them. But the one thing you don't want to do is you don't want to make it too canned you want it to just be fresh and Lively and your personality. So don't memorize it. I watched one the other day. The subluxation is the primary thing that chiropractors work on you. You don' You want to come across as what we treat subluxations. Here's what that means. Here's why Chiropractic is so amazing. And they don't have to be long.
Marisa Mateja: no, that was what I was getting ready to say, they don't have to be something that's Incredibly long one to three minutes is more than enough on Facebook. if that's where you're gonna be putting them more than enough on.
Dr Michael Perusich: right
Marisa Mateja: I don't remember what to talk allows you to do but you've got platforms that are asking you for shorter content.
Dr Michael Perusich: I think it's less than a minute.
Marisa Mateja: So it doesn't have to be long.
Dr Michael Perusich: right
Marisa Mateja: A It's just the information that Gets in their head to make them understand that you have some knowledge that they need and they need your help for something that's going on with them.
Dr Michael Perusich: So you told me something not too long ago that I think is really interesting out of most people watch. videos on social media
Marisa Mateja: We'll probably at work on silent.
Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah, so they're looking at that either the activities or the reading the captions. I know my daughter is so oriented anymore that even…
Marisa Mateja: Yeah, so it's
Dr Michael Perusich: if she watches a movie on Netflix, she turns the captions on I'm like,…
Marisa Mateja: fine, too.
Dr Michael Perusich: why are you doing that? I like reading it. I'm like, okay.
Marisa Mateja: it's really funny and I can't get in trouble for saying this. My husband's hearing is going downhill just a little bit. Okay, so I have to laugh because lately I've even noticed him doing that and while we're watching TV, he's got the captions on and it drives A little crazy but I get it and if they're on their phones, especially at work, they don't want people to know that. They're diving into tiktok or going down a rabbit hole, right, but they put it on silent. So captioning is important.
Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah. It is important. So, make sure that's part of your social media strategy. So
Dr Michael Perusich: what are the best ways to kind of build a following?
Marisa Mateja: That's a great question. I would say the very first thing is asking your patients to follow you asking them to share your information asking them And there's lots of ways to do that. I mean we've seen people do contests and different things if I get to a thousand people, I'm gonna give this away, those kind of things obviously, that's one way but most of the time you've got to talk to your people that are coming into your practice and that's part of that selling. It's getting them to you follow you pay attention to your content and ultimately hopefully share it that's gonna be the first thing you can also get a following by collecting emails and staying ahead of people there. That's also another Avenue of marketing that
Marisa Mateja: Is an easy one, you can throw out an email every couple weeks to people who have not been into your practice to stay in front of them. Again. That's another area that I think we forget about those people already had trust in you at one point. They came to see you. They've been in your practice. They've seen…
Dr Michael Perusich: the point
Marisa Mateja: what you have to do. They know your staff. Whether they just fell off your schedule or something like that. Those are the people that we should also be staying in front of and so that's a following that you need to cultivate. So whether it's email or text, I mean, there's plenty of platforms out there that allow you to do those things very simply now and…
Dr Michael Perusich: in Sharp
Marisa Mateja: put in messages that automatically go it may take a little time on the front end, but it doesn't take time on your regular to- timeframes to stay in front of those people
Dr Michael Perusich: That makes sense. when it comes to content Should it be educational should doctors be doing blogs podcasts video? what are the primary focuses Foci focuses.
Marisa Mateja: There.
Dr Michael Perusich: What should they focus on?
Marisa Mateja: All of it. I mean, and I hate to say that but that's where your content calendar comes into play. So when you're putting that together, I'm going to do a Blog once a month or I'm going to do a video twice a month or I'm going to do that's where that planning comes in because you can create different Avenues of getting in front of Everybody's a little different in what they absorb. So you want to make sure that you're utilizing different things. It also plays into your Google search ability, there's so many other things that fall into that category when you're thinking about what to put out. So not only is
Marisa Mateja: Good, but written word is still really good on your website to have keywords in to allow people to when they type in chiropractor in my area you come up because you have some of those things already on your website. It's the written word. That's still the Google search ability factors.
Dr Michael Perusich: And it needs to be original You don't want to take something somebody else did and…
Marisa Mateja: No.
Dr Michael Perusich: put it on your site because then you're just marketing them.
Marisa Mateja: No, you absolutely and want everything to be original. No plagiarism. None of that. You want to make sure you're very original in your content and your creation. So there are tools out there. it's amazing in this day and age what is available AI is
Marisa Mateja: In my opinion unbelievable. It's so cool. Is it scary? Absolutely, a little bit scary,…
Dr Michael Perusich: a little bit
Marisa Mateja: but it's amazing what can be created in no time. And then you can take that information edit it down and…
Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah.
Marisa Mateja: then go put it into platforms that allow you to look for plagiarism and make sure that it's original content. It's very simple to do very easy to use some of these things. The tools are right there in front of us.
Dr Michael Perusich: early
Marisa Mateja: I was on one the other day that created 30 videos and about five minutes and I really just about
Marisa Mateja: Thought of my chair watching It was so cool. I mean, it's just they're great.
Dr Michael Perusich: And they were good.
Marisa Mateja: I mean, it's just amazing what we have at our fingertips nowadays to make those kind of things easy on a practice who maybe doesn't have the resources to go out and hire people to do it for you. You can do this stuff yourself.
Dr Michael Perusich: right
Marisa Mateja: You have to be organized. You have to understand The Branding and those kind of things and your why of course, but you can do these things yourself.
Dr Michael Perusich: and just from a standpoint What are the best ways to drill down on what to talk about? they talk about therapy? Should they talk about just what makes them unique and different?
Marisa Mateja: Yeah, if you don't know your very first place is Google Go search what people are putting in your area. It tells you it's amazing,…
Dr Michael Perusich: That's huge.
Marisa Mateja: put Chiropractic in and just see what comes up. It'll give you a drop-down of what the most common searches are. That's a great list to start with.
Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah, and when you're drilling down on why think about your uniqueness, what makes unique What Makes You Different it was talking to a doctor the other day and he's the only one in this town that has laser therapy. Great. That's one of your unique points. So if people need laser therapy…
Marisa Mateja: Absolutely. Yeah,…
Dr Michael Perusich: you're gonna tell them why they need it in your marketing then they have to come to you to get it.
Marisa Mateja: so just take that example. What are the things that people would come to you and use laser therapy for there's 20 different short videos right there, it's probably more than that.
Dr Michael Perusich: right
Marisa Mateja: But you know what, I mean like that there's tons of content sitting right in front of you you just have to Think about it in terms of…
Dr Michael Perusich: exactly
Marisa Mateja: a tient What do they need to know? What would they come to you What would you recommend it for? There's four videos right there.
Dr Michael Perusich: Right So I know there's a difference and I know this stuff. I'm just asking you because you are the overview knower.
Dr Michael Perusich: and posting versus paid
Marisa Mateja: Yeah, I'll just put it simply. Is Google a Is Facebook a for-profit business?
Dr Michael Perusich: yeah.
Dr Michael Perusich: yeah.
Marisa Mateja: Yeah, do they want you to spend marketing dollars with them? Yeah, and…
Dr Michael Perusich: Of course they do.
Marisa Mateja: when you do they're gonna put you in front of audiences that you choose to be in front of so very important to be paying for some of the content. some of us are lucky enough every now and then to get a organic Post that goes viral right? I mean it doesn't happen often more often now because of tiktok, I would say but yeah,…
Dr Michael Perusich: We had one that went nuts.
Marisa Mateja: I mean all the sudden you got a million views, and you're doing well it I think that
Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah.
Marisa Mateja: That doesn't happen as often. So I think in Our Minds when we're posting things on social media, we're gonna get this to go viral or whatever and then you don't get very many likes and you're like, that's where those paid advertising dollars come in. You have to utilize some of that so that they'll open their algorithms up and know we don't know what the algorithms are still that's a top secret thing, right? They keep those under wraps,…
Dr Michael Perusich: We gotta guess.
Marisa Mateja: but they open that up just a little bit and it's like flood doors, they let people see you for a little bit and they close them back down. So if you're only working off of organic, it's gonna be a lot harder.
Dr Michael Perusich: group, so we've talked a lot about social media marketing and internet marketing those kind of things. What about just getting out of the office and out in the community?
Marisa Mateja: Still very important people have to see We connect with faces we connect with people if you're not getting out in your community shame on you is all I have to say you are missing out on opportunities left and right then look for ways to be seen in your community whether you're sponsoring something whether you're a coach of something whether or not you're doing a talk somewhere in your community. Get in front of businesses. There's a thousand ways to interact with your community on a daily basis and I highly recommend that the more people that know who you are and that you're there and you're there and supportive of other businesses and other community projects and those kind of things they're gonna be interested in who you are and wanting to come see see what you do.
Dr Michael Perusich: Absolutely, and it's simple things like don't just sponsor a little league team. For example, go be at the Little League games. You can sponsor it too, but, there be present volunteer for things. Yeah.
Marisa Mateja: some oranges Go pass out some, find ways to connect with those people so that they know who you are. Hey, I'm not just gonna sponsor. I'm gonna make sure you guys have little water bottles every time you play put your logo on it put your sticker on there, put a free console on there. There's so many ways to be involved.
Dr Michael Perusich: Right, turn your clinic into a at Halloween time. Not a scary one.
Marisa Mateja: Yeah.
Dr Michael Perusich: But you can have basically a trunk or treat you have kids in the community come in and then go to different stations and you've got it all decorated up and that just draws people to you things like that.
Marisa Mateja: Absolutely, and there's so many ways. I mean you can do things right out of your clinic like you just said have a kids day and have other businesses come in and have booths at your office. So that parents can get to know more providers. if there's so many things that you can do,…
Dr Michael Perusich: exactly
Marisa Mateja: but yes Community involvement is still incredibly important and I see I'd say since the pandemic but I think it was even before that. I see a lot of younger people because they're so ingrained into their phone and connecting the apps and those kind of things and not face to face. I see a lot of young Dogs coming out of school scared to death to do those things scared to death to go in the community and make a name for themselves and…
Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah.
Marisa Mateja: Over and over again. I see them fail in practice because they are unwilling.
Dr Michael Perusich: Yep.
Marisa Mateja: Nervous all of those things to do those little marketing things.
Marisa Mateja: Very very important to get over that and put yourself out there.
Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah, I getting out in the community is just huge you cannot avoid it.
Marisa Mateja: Yeah, it's still very important.
Dr Michael Perusich: It's very important. Okay, so Technology's changing you've talked about AI what do you see in the future as far as Trends and marketing?
Marisa Mateja: It's a great question.
Dr Michael Perusich: I mean, I think AI is going to play a very important part.
Marisa Mateja: Hey guys, gonna thank you.
Dr Michael Perusich: We're already seeing that. especially when it comes to content development.
Marisa Mateja: Yeah. Yeah, I think for
Dr Michael Perusich: It's such a helpful tool.
Marisa Mateja: I was just getting spray to say that I see that being a trend that obviously is not going away. It'll just keep developing into cooler and cooler things. I mean, we're already seeing video creation being able to be made very easily again.
Dr Michael Perusich: right
Marisa Mateja: Keep in mind some of that may not have you in it. So you have to be sure in interject your picture your photos, your make it personal but I think there's ways coming that are gonna make marketing easier on The small business owner. Let's put it that way. I think that's a trend that you don't necessarily have to go out and pay someone else to help you some of the stuff you can do on your own.
Dr Michael Perusich: One of the simplest ones we haven't really even touched on this is these text messaging systems that are out there.
Marisa Mateja: And they're amazing.
Dr Michael Perusich: Where it's not just an appointment reminder. You can send out birthday wishes you we haven't seen you in a while. Hey our clinics putting on this big event. We're inviting I mean you can do all kinds of great things with them. That's just another marketing tool and using technology at same time.
Marisa Mateja: I'll touch on one technology thing that we doesn't necessarily have to do with the type of marketing we've been talking about but it's online scheduling. It's been around for a little while, but we're having a hard time embracing it I think in a lot of offices. Online scheduling is incredibly important to the procedures and the day-to-days of your staff and I can't tell you enough how important online scheduling will become. I think it's going to be one of those tools that you just don't want to live without. I think it decreases the phone calls that come in to your practice. It allows your staff to be more of a marketer salesperson relationship Builder Those key elements of retention in my opinion.
Dr Michael Perusich: Yep.
Dr Michael Perusich: right
Marisa Mateja: I think you end up in a place where online scheduling is just convenient and easy for people. This goes back to the young group that we were just talking about a little bit ago that have a hard time getting in front of people. They don't want to pick up the phone and make a phone call. They don't want to talk to anybody on the other end. I will say my son is that person he would much rather make an appointment online then pick up a phone and call someone we are seeing a shift in that and…
Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah.
Marisa Mateja: I highly recommend you look at online scheduling.
Dr Michael Perusich: Yep, what do you like it or not? It's here and you need to be utilizing it for sure.
Marisa Mateja: But yeah,…
Marisa Mateja: it's a great tool.
Dr Michael Perusich: We've talked about a lot of things to help the chiropractic office really try to crack the code of marketing. We talked about branding and…
Marisa Mateja: Yeah.
Dr Michael Perusich: the importance of that having consistent colors and images but speaking to your audience depending on which platform you're on we talked about that brand presence we talked about.
Dr Michael Perusich: some strategies for social media That was great. We talked about getting out in the community and different types of content that you should be doing building. what it really all comes back to Patient experience. And showing them…
Marisa Mateja: Yeah.
Dr Michael Perusich: what kind of patient experience they're going to get when they come to your office because that's part of what people are looking for. I think that just kind of sums it all up so.
Marisa Mateja: Absolutely. There you go.
Dr Michael Perusich: Marisa, thank you for jumping on here with me today and being the overview knower that we all know you are and we hope this information really helps you guys out there in your practices and if we can be a further help go check us out at cats consultant stop calm. We're doing all kinds of great things for doctors really helping setting you up for Success. It's not just you but setting your team up for success and so forth so go check us out. and we've got a whole bunch of free resources and things on there and check out our downloads and so forth and subscribe to the podcast if you haven't already.
Marisa Mateja: Absolutely, Please leave us a comment. I can't express enough…
Dr Michael Perusich: Absolutely.
Marisa Mateja: how much we appreciate those kind of things.
Dr Michael Perusich: We do and we love interacting with you guys. So because we're doctors too, so, all right everybody. Thanks for tuning in to the KC CHIROpulse Podcast brought to you by cats Consultants helping doctors keep their pulse on success. We will see you next time.
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