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155: Why Chiropractors need a Coach

chiropractic business managment Jan 07, 2024
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155: Why Chiropractors need a Coach


Troy Fox: So what was that? You said in the last podcast something about I consider out of my underwear at the virtual seminar and watch it because I'm not on camera unlike what I can do on here. I've got my clothes on so in that hold on.

Dr Michael Perusich: Here okay time out. this is a family show. I don't think that's exactly what I said. I think I said something about…

Troy Fox: What?

Dr Michael Perusich: because you're not on camera. You can enjoy it in the comfort of your home and…

Troy Fox: 

Dr Michael Perusich: you can have on sweats or maybe something like that but let's keep it PG at least.

Troy Fox: There you go. Yeah, so folks, it's great. Right you can when we do our virtual seminars, it's awesome because you aren't on camera. You're just watching us and we dress appropriately which is always nice, but I think it's one of those funny things to where we don't see any you can see us so you can pretty much wear your Lounge clothes If you've got your deedist track suit from the 1980s with a deed issues with no shoe strings in them…

Dr Michael Perusich: Hey, hey There's nothing wrong with that.

Troy Fox: because you know that Dr. Parish, where is that around the house all the time because he lives in Florida. So he walks outside. He's got the gold chains displayed. he's got the Adidas tracksuit on I know…

Dr Michael Perusich: Yep,…

Troy Fox: how you come out of the house.

Dr Michael Perusich: That's totally my vibe.

Dr Michael Perusich: That's totally me.

Troy Fox: Looking like a shoe looking like a Chicago gangster.

Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah, That's totally me. Hey, we probably should do a podcast.

Troy Fox: Yeah. Yeah, I think we should let's Enlighten the people.

Dr Michael Perusich: Let's do that.

Dr Michael Perusich: All right, everybody Welcome to the KC CHIROpulse podcast. We always like to have a little fun up front. So I'm Dr. Michael perusich and my co-host Dr. Troy Fox, there's always so much that we can talk about and everybody if you listen to this a few times. you realize that Troy and I can take about anything and just Kind of run with it. So here's a funny story and…

Troy Fox: yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: I’ve told this a lot. So if you heard me tell it already. listen again, but Troy and I used to sit around and we'd grab cocktail napkins at seminars and we would make all these plans and ideas and it was not only always fun, but we would take these ideas and go back to our practices and they were amazing ideas so we really learned how to develop really amazing practices, but

Troy Fox: I might throw in there that there were a few that were not so amazing either later when we look back on they did not age.

Dr Michael Perusich: We had some bombs. People we had some bombs,…

Troy Fox: With time right but bunch of them did yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: but that's okay. Hey in the words of Dr. Troy Fox. It's good in the hood. It's all good in the hood.

Troy Fox: It's all good under the hood. That's right.

Dr Michael Perusich: But we didn't do that without having good business coaches. Really helping us develop good solid strategies and…

Troy Fox: Mm-hmm

Dr Michael Perusich: tactics and saying hey, no, you guys don't do that. But let's tweak that idea a little bit and go in this direction. So I just want to ask real quick.

Troy Fox: 

Dr Michael Perusich: I just want to ask the question to everybody chiropractors. Do you have a business coach? everybody needs coach.

Troy Fox: Some people don't think they do, but I will tell you where a lot of our great ideas started at if I take a step backwards before the bar napkins. there was a pump that was primed. In other words. We probably listened to somebody we heard…

Dr Michael Perusich: Yep.

Troy Fox: what they had to say and what they talked about and then we collaborated and started going what if we did this and wrote it down and went I could make my practice better doing this and we did a lot of those things as a result of the pump being primed by a speaker that we listened to or somebody else that had tons of experience and years of experience that gave us something we'd never heard before. …

Dr Michael Perusich: right

Troy Fox: I always mentioned Dr. Jim West and you know that I

Dr Michael Perusich: Yep.

Troy Fox: Up great love for that guy.

Troy Fox: I haven't talked to him in years and years I'd love to have him on our program. He was awesome that guy threw out things that literally made my head explode. I couldn't write fast enough you and I were talking about and a lot of it was patient dialogue back in the day…

Dr Michael Perusich: He was awesome.

Dr Michael Perusich: Sure.

Troy Fox: where a lot of the patient dialogue was really dry. He had some really cool things to say back in the day and I think we've refined and tweaked that over the last 25 30 year Cowley is in that long 30 years.

Dr Michael Perusich: for you. Yeah.

Troy Fox: Yeah for It's only been 10, so we've refined it over those years down to a point where I think that we have a version of probably what started with Jim West 30 years ago. I think that a lot of we were inspired by…

Dr Michael Perusich: We certainly learned a lot from him. It's a great way to put it.

Troy Fox: what he said, I don't think we use the same verbage by any means but we were inspired but what he said it created some really good models. So yeah, I think so important to have a coach.

Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah. it is and I think

Dr Michael Perusich: And obviously we talked to a lot of people who are looking for coaches or we talked to people…


Troy Fox: Mm-hmm

Dr Michael Perusich: who don't have coaches and I hear this a lot. I think there's a misconception sometimes about what business coaching is and how it can help you. I think a lot of people think it's, trying to use somebody else's system and shove it into your practice and…

Troy Fox: Mm-hmm

Dr Michael Perusich: I can tell you this right now if you're trying to be coached by somebody else's Vision, it will never work for you. It won't work for the long term for sure you and I both saw that we at times had coaching that was a little systemic if you will system space and…

Troy Fox: Yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: and we outgrew it. But when you have a true business coach, So what is a true business coach, it's somebody who really understands your business and how to run a business in general and can provide oversight kind of like a board of directors for your business and help it see things that when you're in the weeds when you're in

Dr Michael Perusich: Forest you can't see on your own

Troy Fox: And for all facets of your practice not just one, there were some so many times back in the 90s those of you that have been around for a little while that dates us a little bit…

Dr Michael Perusich: right

Troy Fox: but there was so much emphasis on new patients. And what was the other one, Eva Eva and…

Dr Michael Perusich: PBA right

Troy Fox: new patients TV and you get focused on one group that I worked with focused on new patients. What's the promotion? What are you doing the next group that I worked with which was because

Troy Fox: I became dissatisfied with looking at one statistic consistently and how I had to get there the next group that I worked with focused on PVA. you got to do is increase your PVA. Your practice will be the practice of your dream.

Dr Michael Perusich: Let's see a new patients. right

Troy Fox: Yeah, or you're gonna see the patient 1300 times a year. Thats and so unfortunately, I didn't have a yeah,…

Dr Michael Perusich: such a funny number.

Troy Fox: I didn't have a coach that looked at the overall of my practice and all the facets of it. They looked at what I would call a cookie cutter approach to every Chiropractic practice and here's how you make it bigger and it was whatever the flavor of the day was or the flavor of the decade quite frankly and…

Dr Michael Perusich: right right

Troy Fox: some of that stuff worked at times but to me here in my mind a lot of it was a bit gimmicky. I…

Dr Michael Perusich: Sure.

Troy Fox: I'm just going to be honest, it felt gimmicky to me and it didn't feel like I had you and I talk about the litmus test all the time. Is it good for the practice? Is it good for the patient and…

Dr Michael Perusich: Yep.

Troy Fox: I felt like a lot of things that I've been told over the years was good for the practice. But maybe it wasn't as good for the patient.

Dr Michael Perusich: Yep.

Troy Fox: So we want to coach you from a standpoint of the litmus test. let me test is very important to us…

Dr Michael Perusich: Yep.

Troy Fox: because we Care about you, but we also care about Chiropractic patients as a whole around the world. And that's very important to…

Dr Michael Perusich: Yep.

Troy Fox: So that's why we coach the way that we do. That's why we approach all facets of your practice. Not just one statistic.

Dr Michael Perusich: And side B of what you just said about patients all over the world is protecting the Chiropractic professions reputation. And we've had a little bit of a black eye put on us…

Troy Fox: Yes.

Dr Michael Perusich: because we were Internally focused on what's good for the practice and not both sides of the litmus test.

Troy Fox: Mm- Yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: And so in that respect. we really pay attention to how we coach our clients and making sure that Number one. It's the patient first and number two from the patient. How do we create profitability for the doctor and…

Troy Fox: exactly

Dr Michael Perusich: make it ethical and I'm telling you it's not a system. It's coming into your practice finding out what your vision is. What kind of patience do you see? What techniques do you do? I mean, we look at every aspect of the practice.

Troy Fox: Yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: And unwind it and then we monitor the practice not by hearing Nobody hearing how many new patients you've had. I don't care how many new patients you've had for the most part.

Troy Fox: Mm-hmm

Dr Michael Perusich: We don't look We're not stuck on PVA. That could be a song. I'm stuck on I Won't Say I'm

Dr Michael Perusich: We're not stuck on PVA. we look at a true business statistical model of your practice. We do trending forecasts and all kinds of things because what do I always say Troy? The numbers are black and white they never lie to you.

Troy Fox: That's exactly right and we'll be able to see immediately where maybe if you're juggling five balls. You've dropped one. And that's important.

Dr Michael Perusich: right

Troy Fox: I don't want to wait until the whole thing comes crashing down. I want to know when one ball dropped and…

Dr Michael Perusich: right And here's that's right.

Troy Fox: that's important to me.

Dr Michael Perusich: And here's the thing. It's kind of like the Christmas tree. If you got packages all around the Christmas tree and a ball drops off the back of the Christmas tree. You find it when you put the Christmas tree away. We want to find the dropped ball immediately…


Troy Fox: Mm-hmm

Dr Michael Perusich: because the more of those drop balls we keep in the air and…

Troy Fox: Yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: working for The more effective your practice is going to run. You'll have less chaos,…

Troy Fox: Yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: and so we can see those kind of things when you can't.

Troy Fox: And I can tell you a secret about this too that if you have a patient-driven practice. Meaning that the focus is on the patient when I said that litmus test, I mean obviously from our standpoint. It has to be a profitable thing. I can't say.

Dr Michael Perusich: yep.

Troy Fox: It's really good for the patient is that I spend an hour with each patient. I see eight a day. I wouldn't have a practice very long. So it's not very good for the business to do that. But if I look at it and say it's good for the patient to understand why they're under care in my office and allow them to be part of that decision making process if that's part of my litmus test and now I'm bringing the patient into that process You want to talk about creating some Buzz around your practice. That's huge.

Dr Michael Perusich: Yep.

Troy Fox: It's blow your mind huge when you're patients get involved in the process and then they start telling their friends why they need to come see doctor X, right?

Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah, it's such a great point. I'm gonna give you an Applause for that.

Troy Fox: it's and look at that. I love it. I got an apploster that one but That's why coach using is important is because we can see these Trends number one we can come in and look at your practice and Some people are embarrassed to show a certain, I don't want to show you my numbers.

Dr Michael Perusich: nothing embarrassing about it.

Troy Fox: My numbers are hey, we've seen them all. It's like a parent working with the child. I'm not gonna be upset with anybody that at least makes a valid attempt.

Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah.

Troy Fox: If you don't know where you're going in your practice and you don't have a focus which brings me back to what I was going to talk about a minute ago. I get distracted sometimes too. But You said something a minute ago. Here's where you have to start and folks if you haven't done this go home and do it today. What is your vision for your practice? I can tell you and it should be short and to the point, right? It doesn't need to be a small book on what your vision is. Here's my vision. Get patients better in capital letters about this big.

Troy Fox: Keep patients better in capital letters. This big now ours is a little bit longer because it's keep the patients of Hillsboro, Kansas and Marion County because that's where we're at, get Keep those patients better and I even tell our patients what our vision statement is and I told them and we are going to here in the next few weeks put that vision statement on the wall behind our front desk.

Dr Michael Perusich: Good. Yep.

Troy Fox: That I say Vision.

Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah, it's okay.

Troy Fox: That's our Vision mission.

Dr Michael Perusich: It's okay vision mission they rhyme.

Troy Fox: They do so I think it's important that you understand what your mission is to patients. So even…

Dr Michael Perusich: Absolutely, absolutely.

Troy Fox: if you want to even…

Troy Fox: if you want to call it your vision.

Dr Michael Perusich: and…

Dr Michael Perusich: that's again going back to what we do and I'm not trying to make this a commercial about us,…

Troy Fox: Mm-hmm

Dr Michael Perusich: but One of the things that we help doctors with what true business Consulting can help you with is really uncovering your strengths and your weaknesses to then take that and help you reach your goals faster. And if you're just lumbering along and you don't know what your strengths and weaknesses are and I can tell you this. And I can't remember exactly how he says it but the famous basketball coach from Duke University. Coach K talks about the fact that he can see things in people that they can't see in themselves. And when he shows them film. of the players playing And he points out these things.

Dr Michael Perusich: It's a complete Revelation for these players and that's why they really get better and…

Troy Fox: right

Dr Michael Perusich: better and better. I think it was Jordan talks always talked about the fact that he watched game films not so much to see what the other team was doing to see what he was doing. Not because egotistical…

Troy Fox: Didn't you all?

Dr Michael Perusich: so he could make himself better.

Troy Fox: Didn't you also say Coach K also recorded practices? Yeah. I mean not just games…

Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah. recorded practices No.

Troy Fox: but in practice so he can help players see the potential. It's not just a break someone down but it's also to show them the potential that they have that's where coaching really comes into play.

Dr Michael Perusich: That's what coaching is all about.

Troy Fox: Yeah. Absolutely.

Dr Michael Perusich: So the other thing I hear spinning off of that is I hear some doctors say coaching is too expensive. Okay, hold on timeout.

Troy Fox: 

Troy Fox: Yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: I understand the fear of paying for something that might not work or you might not use Equipment that you've bought and…


Troy Fox: That hundred thousand dollar piece of equipment that you're now contemplating buying…

Dr Michael Perusich: you never used it.

Troy Fox: because you think it'll make your practice grow, okay.

Dr Michael Perusich: Right, right. So you have to think of coaching as an investment and I'm just gonna make up a number if you're paying. Three or four hundred dollars a month for coaching. Here's if it's valuable. Is it bringing three or four thousand dollars more of Revenue into your practice or even 10,000 more or even 15,000 more and what if a Coach can help you find that extra Revenue right from month one? would that be a good deal if I came to you and said Troy if you give me $300 a month. I'm gonna give you back 4,000 a month.

Troy Fox: Where do I sign up? And is that something we're gonna do right after the podcast. Yeah. it makes perfect sense.

Dr Michael Perusich: right right

Troy Fox: And the thing is when you gain that money, do you also enhance your practice which enhances your position in the community which enhances your ability to help more patients.

Dr Michael Perusich: Yep.

Troy Fox: It's a Snowball Effect when you do the right thing.

Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah. You're improving the lives not only of you and your family but your staff and their family your patience and their families and your community. Wow, coaching sounds like a win to me. so you have to think of it from an investment standpoint and…

Troy Fox: It's a huge deal.

Dr Michael Perusich: and you have to make sure that you pick a coach that. understands what you want your business to do this is the thing I find a lot is obviously, I'm not going to name any names, but there are a lot of Consultants and coaches and if you're just listening to this, I'm using air quotes.

Troy Fox: Yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: Who want you to do something that worked in their practice? 30 years ago. I can tell you right now that the business World changes and…

Troy Fox: 

Dr Michael Perusich: it changes at a very rapid pace. There's a book. I read a long time ago called managing at the speed of change and it talks about the fact that because of innovation and technology and all these factors that are happening in the marketplace that any business is changing constantly. Think about it. 15 years ago, we were using what for notes we were using the travel card. And I know we all just heard Harps from heaven when I say travel card…

Troy Fox: yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: because it was a beautiful thing. But where we at today?

Troy Fox: Yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: We're not using travel cards today. We're on electronic health records today. So the wave of motion.

Troy Fox: right

Dr Michael Perusich: Should be pushing your business forward and not holding you back. And if you don't have a coach that's helping. You see that path ahead of you and you can't see it when you're impatient care all day long. You don't have time to do the research that we do. On where the industry is going the going the consumer buying habits are going the compliance is going.

Troy Fox: Right, right.

Dr Michael Perusich: So that coached them becomes again. I'll go back to your board of directors. it's the person making sure that your stock value if you will is staying up. that's why big companies have Boards of directors. It's to maintain the value of help maintain the value of the company while the CEOs and the presidents and all those people run the day-to-day operations. You got to have that oversight.

Troy Fox: So I'm gonna put you on the spot because I think you brought up an important topic in there, every day on my Facebook. I they're a chiropractic consultant or I see somebody that's going to bring me a hundred and fifty new patients, and I don't pay anything until they pay I'm like every day there's still more and I won't call it all gimmicky.

Troy Fox: My question to you, so I'm going to ask you and you're gonna give and an answer and I know you'll come up with this easily. So I would highly suggest any of you listening to this that are not getting coaching right now. Click the button on our website and don't immediately click the button. yes do click it. But here's why you're gonna click it because you're gonna interview several coaches before you make a decision, you're gonna compare pricing and all that but you're going to interview several coaches and…

Dr Michael Perusich: Okay.

Troy Fox: you're gonna ask three questions. I want to keep this simple enough that you can just bang. What are the top three questions Dr. Perus that you would ask today. If you were gonna receive coaching and your practice and you wanted to make sure that you had a quality coach on board that was gonna work with What are the three questions you would ask and I would ask at least one of to a question. That's gonna be one where I know that you've given me commitment.

Troy Fox: All right.

Dr Michael Perusich: It's a great question and you're only given me three. Yeah, right.


Troy Fox: All Yeah, I thought we could do 18 and nobody to remember so I thought okay top three you can add more to this or you could talk to Dr. Purush and interview him and then say what other questions would you ask because I liked your answers or whatever, but let's do three. Yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: Okay, let's do three but first I'm getting the signal over here. We got to take a quick short break for word from our sponsor.

Troy Fox: all right.

Dr Michael Perusich: Hang on to that. We'll come back and we'll talk about the three questions. We'll be right back.




Dr Michael Perusich: All right, everybody. We are back and Troy you put me on the spot a little bit, but I love it to challenge me.

Troy Fox: Append you I pinned you. Yep.

Dr Michael Perusich: So you want me to give out my top three questions that you should be asking of coaches that you're interviewing.

Troy Fox: Yeah, yes. I think it's a great idea.

Dr Michael Perusich: So here we go. The first thing is what do you know about business not Chiropractic. I want to know…

Troy Fox: Mm-hmm

Dr Michael Perusich: what you know about business because when I hire a coach I want to put on my entrepreneur hat and I want to know that you're gonna be able to actually help me grow a business.

Troy Fox: Good first one I like that. Yeah, all…

Dr Michael Perusich: Made it through that one. Okay, so right No,…

Troy Fox: Drum roll number two. are you going on with number one?

Dr Michael Perusich: I'm going on number two.

Dr Michael Perusich: I thought about doing bullets under all these so I could get 18 things in there, but I'll stick the three. Right. So the next one would be.

Troy Fox: All right.

Troy Fox: the kiss principle Yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: How will you help me coordinate my staff. So that we're all working together.

Troy Fox: mmm

Dr Michael Perusich: Develop developing patient communication strategies those kind of things so that we're all moving the practice forward together not just me. Because that's number two.

Troy Fox: Right, right. I love that one,…

Dr Michael Perusich: Is that a good one?

Troy Fox: Yeah,…

Dr Michael Perusich: Then number three might be a little bit of a toss-up.

Troy Fox: I love it. Yeah, I love it. Yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: number three probably is

Troy Fox: Can I tell you a secret I was gonna give you a bonus one when this is over still…

Dr Michael Perusich: Okay, great. I get a bonus.

Troy Fox: if you want. Okay, you can do three in a bonus.

Dr Michael Perusich: Okay, I'll do three about so here's number three. How are you going to help me monitor my practice. to know…

Troy Fox: mmm

Dr Michael Perusich: if An issue is starting to happen. We got an oil leak, whatever it might be. How are you going to help me? monitor it

Troy Fox: And if they say through PVA or new patients run, is that…

Dr Michael Perusich: Yeah, hang up.

Troy Fox: how that works. Yeah, all right. Yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: Don't you even have to say goodbye? And so your bonus one again kind of some toss-ups here.

Dr Michael Perusich: I probably Would ask about what are your thoughts about creating profitability in a practice?

Troy Fox: Yeah, cuz that one is so open-ended that they will literally have to dig and answer that question from the bottom of their heart and their mind because that's a big one. I mean if you ask me that question, I was gonna coach you. I could probably talk for the next 30 minutes just about profitability and…

Dr Michael Perusich: at least

Troy Fox: and some of the ideas I put in place and some that I still have in the chamber ready to go.

Dr Michael Perusich: And here's the answers avoid if you ask that question you want to avoid answers if you sell this product or if you get this table or if you start doing this service.

Troy Fox: 

Dr Michael Perusich: okay you might be able to make it work, but Is it your vision to change your practice like that? so I don't know…

Troy Fox: Yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: I don't really know how to put this but you got to put your gimmick goggles on.

Dr Michael Perusich: And make sure that you're watching for the gimmets because true business Consulting. It has no gimmicks. It's not about gimmicks. let's dive in let's roll our sleeves up and…

Troy Fox: Yeah.

Dr Michael Perusich: Let's dig into your compliance. Let's dig into your staff development. Let's dig into your marketing. Let's dig into your stats. I think I already said that let's dig into your communication strategies. Let's dig into how the marketplace perceives you. let's drill down on your goals. Let's figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Let's find out what your target market is. I could go on and on and on. That's why it's hard to answer in four questions. I love the idea that you press me on it.

Troy Fox: Yeah, I pressed you on that because I know you well enough to know because you and I can both literally write a 30 minute PowerPoint about three minutes.

Dr Michael Perusich: right


Troy Fox: So I know I would squeeze you hard but I think in the future what we need to talk about in a podcast as well because you're gonna have somebody that's going to call you and here's the question they're going to ask and we don't have time to cover all this today, but they're gonna ask you this question doc. I get what you're saying. I understand you want to help me with my business, but I live in a dog eat dog big city where people jump from one chiropractor to another as soon as there's a new patient special comes out. on Facebook this week and I have talked about this and I think we have a really solid answer for this. But those are the folks. I think sometimes that are really worried about getting business Consulting because they're afraid there is no answer.

Troy Fox: They're afraid that there is no answer and every competitor that they have around them are doing the same thing. They're trying to get as many new patients as they can in the door because they know they're going to lose them within two weeks. If you're that,…

Dr Michael Perusich: right

Troy Fox: if you're that person we need to talk.

Dr Michael Perusich: And the answer is easy.

Dr Michael Perusich: I'm not gonna give it away. But yeah,…

Troy Fox: Yeah. Yep,…

Troy Fox: we need to talk.

Dr Michael Perusich: the answer is easy. and so if you are in that situation don't feel despair about where you're practices.

Troy Fox: No.

Dr Michael Perusich: And we hear this too sometimes nothing works in my area because of maybe an issue like what you just said. You can have a great Chiropractic practice and a fantastic profitable business. Wherever you want to put it. It doesn't matter. What matters is how you manage it how you run it and how you connect with people. That's what matters.

Troy Fox: If you put your practice in the middle of a forest a hundred miles from the nearest town, I will agree. It doesn't work in my area, but we have not seen a town anywhere in the United States where solid business principles don't work.

Dr Michael Perusich: 

Troy Fox: That's how other businesses in your area of survived folks Chiropractic is mainstream. It's not this thing where you have to gimmick people in your door anymore.

Dr Michael Perusich: Nope.

Troy Fox: So then explain to them what chiropractic is mainstream. Let's get rid of the gimmicks and let's use real business knowledge real solid building blocks of business principles to be successful and what you'll be happier.

Dr Michael Perusich: Absolutely. You'll be happy and…

Troy Fox: Everybody wants to be happy.

Dr Michael Perusich: you'll be profitable and your family will love you guys.

Troy Fox: Yep.

Dr Michael Perusich: We'll have a fantastic lifestyle. You'll be doing great things in your community and I even have an answer for the practice that's out in the middle of the forest a hundred miles from any town.

Troy Fox: 

Dr Michael Perusich: You become an animal chiropractor. see there you Yeah.

Troy Fox: What there you go, they'll all come running to you raccoons Bobcats those Bobcats. I hear pretty tough to adjust though.

Dr Michael Perusich: yeah, I used to have bobcats in my backyard all the time.

Troy Fox: Sometimes they get a little cranky.

Troy Fox: Did you ever try to adjust one?

Dr Michael Perusich: I did not that big beneath. I did not.

Troy Fox: He's so from now on Dr. Purush is the Bobcat Whisperer.

Dr Michael Perusich: I don't know about that. so I love this conversation. So if you're thinking about coaching, or if you just want to look into coaching, give us a call. Go check us out on cats consultants.com, but I'll tell you this find the right coach. Okay, and…

Troy Fox: Mm-hmm

Dr Michael Perusich: And I'll tell you something about us. We don't accept everybody into our program. We just don't accept everybody. There are things we know what our limitations are number one. We also talked to some doctors who just aren't ready from a mindset standpoint for coaching. So if you're ready to be open about your practice if you're willing to Listen to The Good the Bad and the Ugly if you're willing to make some changes. And really get a hold of your practice and really find out. Where it's at and where you want it to go and a roadmap to get it there.

Dr Michael Perusich: That's what we do. So go check inside a cat's Consultants calm subscribe to the podcast if you haven't already and by the way, we appreciate you listening. to our rambling

Dr Michael Perusich: He would come a long way from the cocktail napkin days. When you go to cast Consultants join us on Facebook. We got a couple of different groups on Facebook. We're on Instagram. We're on LinkedIn. We're on tiktok. We're on I don't even know what we're on. I don't even handle the marketing stuff. So we're everywhere. Just go find us check us out. We've got a lot of free stuff on our website get to know come join us at one of our virtual seminars. You can sign up for those on our website come to one of our Live Events. Just give us a call. If you want to do a breakthrough session and just talk about it's been a half hour talking about your practice and what we do and you want to shoulder to cry on for just a minute, whatever it is just a…


Troy Fox: Mm-hmm

Dr Michael Perusich: We're happy to jump on the phone with you guys. And those of you that do call every week after our podcast. I love that. That's what we do. We have very successful practices.

Dr Michael Perusich: Troy still in the day of practices sometimes so as Alex so is Kelly I'm not actually in the clinic anymore, but we own practices we run practices. We hope hundreds of doctors every year turn their practices into solid gold. So I'm gonna get off my soapbox about Anything else Troy?

Troy Fox: I think we're good I hope some people interview you because I think you've got really great answers and what? I hope that other coaches out there you say they want to help you have some good answers as…

Dr Michael Perusich: Absolutely. No.

Troy Fox: We don't want to be the only ones that are helping. We think we're really good at what we do, but if somebody else gives you better answers and we can give you go for it.

Dr Michael Perusich: That's great.

Troy Fox: That's why I'm not afraid to have people interview us because we definitely know where our sweet spot is and it involves that litmus test. It's got to be good for the patience for you and if it is you're gonna be Like I said, happy practice. Happy life,…

Dr Michael Perusich: Yep.

Troy Fox: right? that's happy wife happy life. But same thing with the practice. There you go because you're married to your practice too by the way most of the time. Yep.

Dr Michael Perusich: Absolutely, you are absolutely so. If you're looking for Coach, make sure you find the one that fits you if you don't quite understand coaching happy to talk you through it. Just remember it's a great investment in your practice. and you so all right, everybody. Thanks for tuning into the KC CHIROpulse Podcast brought to by Kats Consultants helping doctors keep their pulse on success. From all of us here at cats. We'll see you next time.

Troy Fox: See you later.

Meeting ended after 00:32:02 👋