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120: The Advantages Hiding In Practice

Apr 23, 2023
Kats Consultants
120: The Advantages Hiding In Practice

The advantages hiding in your practice. 

Hi everybody. Welcome to the KC CHIROpulse podcast, brought to you by Kats Consultants. I'm Dr. Michael Perus, and I'm joined by my guest host, not guest, host, co-host, Marisa. Marisa, how are we doing today? We're doing good. How are you? I'm super excited to talk about this.

The advantages hiding in practice, it's kinda like there's a lot of 'em. It's like, oh my gosh. Do you have ghosts hiding in your practice? What's hiding in my practice? What's there? Yeah, there's some great. Right under your nose. And we're doing an upcoming virtual seminar on this very topic on April 27th.

Yep. Eight 30 to 1230 central time. Yep. And, uh, you, you've gotta, you've gotta come to one of our virtual seminars. Not only are they, they're fun. I mean, everybody just raves about 'em because here's the deal, you get so much great information that you can use. Right. Right now? Right now. Yeah. Yeah. That, I think that’s what sets us apart just a little bit.

Uh, if I can pat ourselves on the back, uh, because we tend to try to give that information that you're gonna go right back into practice and be able to implement, to be able to use, to be able to find ways in your practice to. Increase everything. So whether it's patient visits, revenue, profitability, all of those kind of things, we give you those tools to basically go back and utilize, not only to do that, but we also give 'em the tools to create a better team.

And I think that's such a huge factor that we see for a lot of practices that they just aren't congruent, if you will. Yeah. Great. Great word. And, and here's the bonus. The bonus is how? How often doctors, I'm just gonna pose this question. How often doctors, do we go to seminars? We have to go to seminars all the time.

We gotta get our CEUs and all that. You go to seminars and who goes with you? Exactly. Nobody. Yeah, nobody. This is for you and your team. And in between classes, we give you time to discuss what's happening in the class and what we're talking about. And you start building these action steps and action principles immediately.

Yeah. And that's part of why you start using the information immediately and you draw out all these great ideas while you're having these discussions with your team. So if you haven't yet been to one of the virtuals, you gotta. Yeah, it's bent around collaboration with your teammates, you know? Exactly.

And so making sure that your staff know the whys behind things so that they understand what the next step is, uh, to be able to help you build your practice. You know, uh, a lot of times I feel like we miss that step in training our staff. Sometimes it's the why that makes it make sense. So some of.

Concepts that we go over, really tie that stuff together for staff. Okay, you brought up training and you know how I feel about training. I'm gonna get on my soapbox here for just a minute. You may want to turn the church music up. We don't spend enough time in our practices on training and development.

And, and here's a couple of things about training and development. Number one, it's what retains great employees. Number two, when you all grow together, so grows the practice. Remember, what does team stand for together? Not, yeah, it's not individual. There's no I in team. It's, it's all about building everybody.

Together. And when you grow together, the practice grows together. And I hear this all the time. Oh, we don't have time to do training. Okay, now hang on just a minute. Yeah. If you're a well-oiled machine, as a sports team looking to win games, what do you do? What do you spend the most time at? You spend the most time practicing and training and getting ready for the big game.

You don't just go to the game and play on the game and then go home. 

Okay, Marisa. Okay. So just hold on a second here. You brought up training and you know how I feel about training. I'm gonna get on my soapbox here. So you may wanna get the church organ out. Training is so important to the success of your practice because what does team, what does team stand for together?

Not, not individually. Together, everyone achieves more. When you grow together, when you practice together, when you work together, when you make it happen together, your practice grows more. Your practice, this is how you find success. You don't find success by just showing up and going and playing in a game.

You know, if you're a sports team, you gotta practice. You gotta practice, practice, practice. And that's, that's what setting aside time for training is. You know, you can't just teach people how to do something and then expect them to do it. Yeah, you've gotta, you gotta train, implement that why in there. So, and the why is the training part of everything.

It's understanding the concept and then putting it into action and being able to take those steps to get there. You know, there's so many. Times that we hear docs say, I just don't have time in my practice to do the training. And I, I would probably venture to say, give me your schedule. Let me show you where the time is.

Right. I dare 'em to do that. Yeah. Right. So you, well, and when I, when I hear that, what I hear is I'm only making time to stay where I'm at. I'm only making time to, to not improve, to not grow. And. When I have one-on-one conversations with 'em, they tell me, oh, I want to grow. I'm, I'm not growing enough. I'm not growing at all.

Yeah, yeah. Well, okay, but how much, how much time are you spent to growing? How much time are you spending on development? How much time are you spending doing the training that's necessary to grow? And if you don't do it, it's never gonna happen. Yeah. It's that dedicated. Time. You know, we just talked to a doc today, um, who happens to be one of our, uh, coaches, Troy Fox.

Uh, and he was talking about spending the time showing staff and going around the office. They actually stopped seeing patients for an hour or two. They spent the time to walk around the practice and actually talk about every single therapy that they offer in the practice. And to staff. They spent the time to really talk about the whys behind the that therapy and why you would use it and what it does for the patient and what kind of outcomes we expect when we're using that therapy and all of those little things that go along with that.

What did that do for the staff? Well, I can tell you it opened up their minds to. Susie that came in the other day had told me about that, and now that I've spent the time to figure out what it's used for, I really should be telling Dr. Fox about what she's told me because, oh my goodness, she can really benefit from that therapy.

We just opened up a huge advantage in practice and showed the staff exactly what it was that they need to. And that's exactly what the virtual seminar is about. How to open up and find those hidden advantages in your practice so you can grow, so you can collect more revenue, so you can get better. So you can meet all your goals.

Heck, not just meet 'em. Let's blow right through 'em. We're gonna spend four hours diving into the advantages hidden in your practice, and I think doctors and staff are gonna be blown away by what we're gonna. Yeah, and, and what is it you're setting aside a couple hours to actually implement things that you can do in your practice in a short amount of time to be able to really explode your practice?

Yep. Absolutely. Absolutely. So, Marissa, tell 'em how they can join the virtual seminar. You know, I'm gonna have a QR code right up here for you. So just go ahead and click on that, or excuse me, scan that and that will take. Right up there, up there somewhere. So that will allow you to go to the registration page and register.

Um, if you're not a client of ours, we are offering you an opportunity to jump onto one of these and see what we're about. Um, so. Click on that, scan it. Uh, make sure that you check us out. Um, and then you can always go to our website, which is kaz consultants.com and click on events and you can see the upcoming events that we've got.

Some for, for clients, and some again, open to, um, anyone who wants to join us. Perfect. And if you haven't been to our website yet, again, it's kaz consultants.com, Kaz with a K. Jump on there. Go check out our blog. There's all kinds of information on there. There's some downloads. Check out everything we do.

We put out a lot of great information, so be sure to take advantage of it. And if you haven't already, you probably have if you're listening today, but make sure you subscribe to the KC Carro Pultz podcast because what we're doing is we're helping doctors keep their pulse on success. That's our whole, whole goal.


We're doctors too. We get it. We understand what having a successful practice is all about and it's just another advantage in practice too, it's another advantage. Information, information that we put out and utilize it for your practice. Awesome. All right, everybody, come and join us for the upcoming KAZ Consultants virtual seminar.

Coming up on April 27th, Marisa already told you how to find out more about that and to get engaged in the process and bring your team, do it as a team event. On behalf of all of us here at Kats Consultants, thanks for tuning in to the KC CHIROpulse Podcast again, brought to you by Kats Consultants. So we'll be here anytime you need us.

Give us a call. Happy to plug in. We'll see you guys next time.