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115: Today's Chiropractic Opportunities - Daiost DC

chiropractic business strategies Mar 19, 2023
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115: Today's Chiropractic Opportunities - Daiost DC

Today's chiropractic opportunities!

Hi everybody. Welcome to the KC CHIROpulse podcast. I'm Dr. Michael Perusich and I'm joined today by a very good friend of mine and one of our alliance partners with Kats Consultants, Michelle Valeri.   Michelle. You've introduced us to what I think is one of the best new opportunities for chiropractors to bring a really cool service into your practice.

So I, I'm, I appreciate you coming on here today and talking with us about this. So I'm gonna shut up and start letting you talk. Why don't, why don't you introduce the program Okay. And just kind of give the 30,000 foot viewpoint of what's going on. Okay, well first of all, thank you for inviting me into your circle of trust.

It's an honor. Um, okay, so basically, . I owned a chiropractic clinic from over 20 years, and we mentioned this on the last podcast that I felt like there were a lot of missing links and as reimbursement continues to diminish and things are, you know, get a little, yeah. 

Okay, there we go. Things are getting a little tough sometimes for some of us that we need to look for other avenues of generating income and keeping people in our practice and still really encouraging those referrals. 

So the system that I put together, I had originally said I was gonna do 10 to 12 weeks with a drip on there, but I decided to make it. You can go as fast as you want or as slow as you want with it, but basically we're talking about how to understand from a glance when patients need more from you, and this is gonna.

Office is an opportunity to truly expand in a, into a real family-based practice or go into specialized clinics like a headache clinic or, um, a weight loss clinic or, uh, you know, however they choose to do it. There are four different techniques for being able to introduce food as medicine. We're not talking about nutrition.

This is food energetics. Nobody talks about this. There are multiple things that I think are important for a chiropractor to understand, and again, I'm not taking anything away from chiropractic. I'm not taking anything away from structural issues. But when we look at arthritis, there are four types of arthritis.

Reason, four reasons why they happen, and four different ways that we have to correct those four different types of arthritis. I think that's important for all of you guys to know that, right? When we look at, okay, so I'm gonna, I'm gonna stop you right there for just a second because, okay.  because you just opened up a whole new toolkit just with that.

Yeah. So docs out there listening. You see patients who have arthritis. Can you imagine being able to identify it into one of these four different categories and then knowing how best then to treat it from there? I mean, that. In my opinion, that's a game changer. When you've got that level of information and tools in your, in your bag of tricks to be able to help people.

That's, I mean, that's taking, helping people to a way different level. Absolutely. You know? And it's, it's not complicated, you know, it's, you ask one or two questions or you just listen to their comments and you, bam, you know what it is, and then I'm telling you how to fix it. I mean, it's, it's like broken down

Really simplistically, there are ways to look at people and know, do they have digestive issues? And I will tell you if they have any kind of skin problems, if they've got pain, if they've got pigment, they have digestive problems, whether they tell you everything's fine or not, there are things that you can see at a glance that you can recognize.

The doc can see it and we can train the staff to do it as well. They can go through this program with you and you can push all of that new stuff onto your staff, which they would love so much. , so, so you're, you're telling me that you can just, you can sit and look at somebody and have a much deeper under, so I need to turn my camera off is what you're telling me.

You really should. You probably should. , you can't hide anything. , right. So you were. Uh, to me the other day about headaches. Yes. And you mentioned. Something about, I can't remember what the number was, 500 or something? Oh, no. Oh, no. Of ways to help headaches, , right. So if we're assuming that we don't have a structural problem, okay.

Because of the way that the meridians are in the head. There are 720 combinations of root causes for headaches, and based on the type of headache they have, whether it's stabbing or dull, or whatever the case is and where the location is, tells us which body system is out of balance. And then when we know why it's outta balance and where it's coming from, we automatically know how to correct it.

So that would be an absolute game changer. You. . A lot of people have headaches these days. Sure. But that, that's just a whole different way to interpret the physiology that's going on with somebody. Exactly. You know, and that, and as chiropractors, that's what we do. Sure. We treat function. Yes. We, we treat mechanical issues, the subluxation and those kinds of things, and, and we help people get back to.

uh, whatever it is in their lifestyle that they can't do because of their condition. But this is taking it right to that next level. This is y you know, a lot of us have in our practices, we, we offer other services besides just chiropractic adjustments. It might be acupuncture, nutrition, uh, weight loss, laser therapy, you know, whatever it might be.

Mm-hmm.  To me, Michelle, this is one of those once in a lifetime things that comes along that you can dive into and learn pretty quickly. Yeah. That is not only a game changer for your practice, but is so unique that. . Everybody in your town, if they want that service, they can only come and get it from you and docs.

Think about that for just a second. Digest that for a second. Uhoh, they might have digestive issues, , so think about that. If you've got something nobody else has and nobody else is probably gonna have. And you're that unique, why you just took it to a whole new level. Yeah. Well, let's, you know what I'm, I'm thinking business as well as helping patients.

Let's take it to another level. You no longer have to say, who do you know who lives locally that is experiencing headaches, digestion, back pain, joint pain, whatever, arthritis. You can now say, who do you know, period. Because we can set up programs now with people.

How amazing would that be? Right? It's very cool. So we can take it into all kinds of directions and although learning the content from my standpoint has taken many, many years and lots of blood, sweat, and tears, I have simplified it so that it will be easy for anyone to adapt to it immediately. And of course, if they need to reach out to me, I'm always available.

But this is. Something that I want the docs to be able to add a glance, recognize, oh, okay, I need to go here instead of here. But also we're not burdening the docs with additional work and more tasks because this is really meant for the bulk of the stuff to be handed over to the staff, you know? Okay. So I, again, I'm gonna stop you real quick because this is important doctors, everybody's looking for ways to be able to help more patients drive more services, and of course more revenue.

but without eating up the doctor's time so much. So these can be staff oriented, uh, therapies that they do with patients. Absolutely. Oh my gosh. I mean, I see it just, this just keeps getting better. I mean, slice individually wrapped sliced cheese is gonna have to take a go by the wayside. This is the best thing ever.

Yeah. And so, you know, I've broken down things. So let's just say that you have a patient that comes in and they've got a history of cysts and tumors. Well, guess what? There's a list of foods that you can say, I need you to go home and eat these foods because they actually. Ingested into the body. The action that takes place is their job is to actually to break up these masses and dissolve 'em.

There are foods that will contribute to masses. There are foods that will contribute to pain or ligament problems or whatever the case is. We know what the problems are that they cause, and now we have a list of foods that will remedy those issues. So if you can provide a. Foods for people to avoid and to go ahead and consume while you're going through that rehab process and helping to get them out of pain, that's gonna speed up the recovery time.

And then, you know, of course it's gonna make you wonderful in their eyes even more so. Right? Oh my gosh. You know, and if you, if you look at people that have, let's just say they have joint problems, we know automatically that's linked to the kidney system and what do we need to do to offer more tlc? So for example, we need to.

A shift in perspective when it comes to what is the body telling us? So when we use the kidney system as an example, somebody has frequent urination. They don't wanna go “pee” 12 times, they think that their kidneys and their bladder are overactive, but in reality, their kidney system is weak body is trying to get their attention because it's creating an inconvenience for them, right?

So when we can understand and recognize that the spine, the central nervous system, the lymphatic system, the brain, the teeth, the hearing, the ears, uh, you know, so many things are part of the kidney system. And when you start recognizing, okay, this isn't getting better, but structurally and orthopedically and all these neurological reasons, it's like they're not there.

Well, now you know why because, the body's telling us something that we have not been taught how to decipher up until this point. Okay. This just continues to blow me away.  talk, talk to talk, to, talk to me and the audience about how do they get this training? What, what do they have to do? Where do they go?

How did, how does this happen? Well, since you have graciously brought me into your website as a trusted person, um, they can just click the link that's on there and this. Self-paced and you can go as fast or as slow as you wanna go, honestly. So all of the information that is in there, it is designed as a buffet to give you so many options so that you can completely customize where you wanna evolve your practice to.

And. . I think that it's a really great idea to just, you know, what do you resonate with first, and then pick that first and then go from there. But I've offered ideas on how to do brainstorming and how to set everything into motion so that it is super easy and it can be used as a turnkey system, but of course it has to be customized for you and what, what you're resonating with.

But it's simple. You just go to that website, click. Start, you get access immediately. Mm-hmm.  as soon as you enroll. And then you have lifetime access. As long as I'm alive and kicking and paying the bill  for it to be housed on there,  if my mouth doesn't get me in trouble, you know, so it's there. It's just as easy as possible.

And like I said, I want the staff to be able to get on there with the docs as well, and want them to be able to print off the graphics and the PDFs and share those with your patients if you wanna. Purpose them, retype 'em, or however to customize 'em. Go for it. It's there for your convenience. But then I also have a membership platform where I'm very active, I answer questions and I'm constantly adding more stuff to that.

Mm-hmm. , um, sometimes several times a day, . So we're always going to be in connection with each other and being able to make sure that this works out to the exact vision that you have for your practice. I know it's an incredibly robust library, and you are constantly adding new things to it. Tell everybody what, what's the program?

It is the Daoist DC D A O i S T because it is based in Daoist Chinese medicine, which to me is the the most complete system because it involves body, mind, spirit, and emotions. And I think that so often we forget about the emotions and we forget about the spiritual component that is involved so much with healing.

The spine has a direct link to universal healing to God, to whatever it is that your belief system is, and it is so vital to healing. Um, so the Daoist DC and it is $2750 if you pay in full and three payments of $997 if you need to make payment. And docs, just listen to the title. That's why I wanted Michelle to go there.

Dallas, dc She's designed this program to fit into your practice. She's designed this for you guys, and this is super exciting. You guys need to go check it out. Just go to cats consultants.com and, and you go to the Alliance Partners section of the.  and, uh, you can, you can click over to it. Um, but you need to look into this.

You need to look into this. Even if you don't do a lot of different therapies or other services other than chiropractic, I just think it's a good idea to always know what those opportunities are out there available to you, cuz you never know. And you know what, when you check this one out, I'm pretty sure that most of you are gonna find something that says, I need to do this.

So it's cost effective, it's self-paced. You get it for lifetime, at least Michelle's lifetime, , and, and it, it's, it's a very staff-driven program too. So I think it's definitely worth checking out. Michelle, anything else they need to know? I can't think of anything. Oh, I know something. What? What? You and I are speaking together in the fall.

Oh, that's right. Where Is that September until I'm not in charge of my schedule. It's June. Well, we're speaking in June. That's right. We're speaking in June together in Kansas City, but we're also speaking in the fall. Okay. Somewhere aren't Dallas or something. Oh yeah, maybe. Yeah, I think that's great.

Anyway, apparently we both have scheduling confusion, , right? Yeah. I'm not the scheduler, so. Alright, everybody watch for us if you'll see us out there speaking together on occasion. So, okay. Michelle, thank you so much for being here with us today. I know our listeners are gonna, Just absolutely love your program and, uh, I hope everybody goes and checks it out.

So if you haven't already, go to cats consultants.com. You can check out Daoist DC You can also check out the other resources that we offer on there. We've all got all kinds of blogs and downloads and things, so make sure to participate in those things. It's all built to help you build your practice. All right, everybody.

Thanks for listening to the KC CHIROpulse podcast, brought to you by Kats Consultants. On behalf of all of us here, we'll see you next.