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105: Chiropractic Brain-Based Therapy

chiropractic consulting chiropractic management chiropractic practice management chiropractor kats consultants kc chiropulse podcast Jan 08, 2023
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105: Chiropractic Brain-Based Therapy

Chiropractic Brain-based Therapy

In this week's episode of KC CHIROpulse, our host Dr. Michael Perusich interviews Dr. Andrew Barlow from the Barlow Brain and Body Institute. Brain-based therapies are taking Chiropractic into the next millennium by helping patients on a whole new level. Tune in to listen to Dr. Perusich and Dr. Barlow discuss some of the amazing treatments and outcomes being taught at the Barlow Brain and Body Institute. We hope you enjoy this week's CHIROpulse Podcast sponsored by Barlow Brain and Body Institute. The CHIROPulse Podcast features today’s top chiropractic business consultants from Kats Chiropractic Business Advisors - helping doctors keep their pulse on success. Check us out at katsconsultants.com.