Adult Learning Theory for
Chiropractic Doctors and Staff

Benefits of Adult Learning Theory


Chiropractic business owners can benefit from leveraging ALT to train staff. As a result, all Kats learning modules, whether they be seminars, videos, webinars, etc, utilize the principles of adult learning.  As such, our chiropractic members often benefit from our chiropractic training programs which are far more engaging, effective, and efficient than the traditional lengthy classroom-style programs.

One of the most important components behind ALT is motivation. Studies have shown that adults are more likely to learn when they are self-motivated and interested in the subject matter. Each of our training programs are developed from content that is specific to Chiropractors and their staff, thus creating a more engaged training environment and one in which each employee feels personally as the information presented is relevant to their chiropractic setting. 

Furthermore, with our training programs, our members are free to include incentives and career advancement opportunities within their chiropractic practices so that staff feel like they have something to work towards.

Involving staff in your chiropractic business objectives is another way to benefit from ALT. By involving employees in the decision-making process, chiropractors can foster a sense of ownership and responsibility in their practices. This will help create an environment where employees are invested in the success of the chiropractic clinic and willing to adopt new skills and techniques that will be beneficial for the chiropractic business.

Adult learners also benefit from having a variety of different learning methods available to them. Chiropractors who immerse themselves and staff in Kats Consultants’ creative training programs are able to offer different types of activities, such as seminars, lectures, group discussions, case studies, and hands-on workshops. This way staff has access to multiple methods which allows them to better understand and apply chiropractic principles more effectively in your practice.  

Overall, chiropractors can benefit from ALT when training staff and employees. KC members are able to create a staff environment that encourages self-motivation and involves them in the chiropractic business objectives, as well as successfully helps to retain great employees for the long-term.

Both doctors and staff will benefit from a training program that is engaging, effective, and efficient, which can help ensure your chiropractic business succeeds and continues to grow.

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