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Next Virtual Webcast August 26th 2021

830am -1230 pm cst

The Formula for Chiropractic Success 

Motivation, Procedures,  and Marketing and so much more. 

Next Live Event Sept 30-Oct 2 2021

The Doctor's Mastermind Retreat 

Call for Registration Limited Space available 918-286-7141

Dunedin Florida - Fenway Hotel

600 pm - 800pm Thurs Mastermind members only

830am -1230 pm Friday Oct 1 

830am -1230 pm Saturday Oct 2

Register for Virtual Webcasts Today $97

Your entire office can work together to build your perfect practice. Open to guests. 

Dates for 2021: March 4, June 3, August 26, December 2


Register Now

Virtual Seminars

A unique way to participate in live seminars from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere.  These live seminars are streamed right to your location where you and your team can participate along with us. No travel expenses.  No overtime pay for weekend seminars. No time away from home.

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Strategic Planning

We provide you with a guide to help you maneuver the strategic planning process of success.  

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NO Travel

Build your success team together in an environment that leads to more information retention and action steps than attending off-site seminars.  

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Team Building

The KC Virtual Seminars are more than just information sessions... It's a real team building experience! 

Live Seminars 

The KC Live Workshops are designed for your entire team. We will be live in 2021. These roll-up-your-sleeve events are developed for our MasterMind clients to continually reach new levels of success.  If you would like to attend a live seminar email [email protected] 

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Register for Virtual Webcast today! 

$97 per office 4 hours of focused practice building.

Worksheets , strategic planning, and Q&A session with coaches  included. 

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