Blended Learning

Kats Consultants offers a unique platform of business knowledge for today's Chiropractic entrepreneur. Utilizing a multi-sensory approach, KC clients enjoy a blended learning environment including our online resource library, training videos, podcasts, live online seminars, view-on-demand seminars, weekly training calls for doctors and staff, one-on-one consulting calls, live regional seminars, multi-day events, and our motivational Elite Retreats. KC brings you the most current information for building YOUR practice.

Regional Workshops

Live workshops designed to provide you with tools and procedures that you can implement now! KCRW are delivered in cities close to your home including.  The same information is shared at each location, so you need to travel only once to get all this great information. 


Leadership Conference

LC programs are 2-day events that focus on team development and sharpening your leadership skills.  We also review the latest in marketing and growth strategies, and many other topics pertinent to your success. Learn best practices and make new friends. 


Virtual Seminars

A unique way to participate in live seminars from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere.  These live seminars are streamed right to your location where you and your team can participate along with us. No travel expenses.  No overtime pay for weekend seminars. No time away from home.


DocTalk Webinars

Live webinars designed to explore topics pertinent to your practice success. We'll cover a multitude of subjects including patient communication, growth strategies, marketing ideas, business management, office procedures, and staff management.  

Crew Call Webinars

A live weekly team-building experience for your staff. Each program delivers a topic that is pertinent to staff development. Plus, each webinar includes an exercise for your staff to work together.  KCCC programs are  archived in your KC Library so your team can review them anytime.


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