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Turn Up The Heat -  The difference between good and great is turning up the heat just one degree

Take a Step Back - When was the last time you really looked at your practice?  What do your patients see? What is their experience? Being armed with this knowledge can help make your customer service over the top and propel you to super stardom. We’ll explore the process of “taking a step back” so that we can see the whole forest and not just the trees!!

Make your Practice more PC - As reimbursement continues to decline, adding Profit Centers (PC) become more and more important to the success of your practice.  We’ll discuss some great profit centers and the tools to implement them in your practice, how to price them, and how to get your patients on-board.

The Acceleration of Technology- Social media, the cloud, voice-command, internet, servers, blogs, online-reviews, laptops, websites, tablets, etc etc.  Today’s technology is moving at pace faster than we can adapt. However, in order to keep pace, new technology must become part of our business strategy.  We’ll explore the latest in technology to help keep your Chiropractic practice relevant in today’s techno-world.

Analysis or Paralysis - Statistical analysis is incredibly important to running any successful business.  And if you don’t, you may be paralyzing your chance for success. We’ll work through simple statistical techniques for analyzing your practice - from tracking revenue and dropouts to no-shows and retention - to keep you out of paralysis and on to success.

The KC 6 Keys to Success - There are 6 things to do in practice that are so important, that they bear repeating.  When you master these 6 principles, you will hold the keys to your own practice success.


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