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Health Talk for Church

This course gives you access to a 3-week crash course to help you become a great speaker. Presentations, instructions on how to deliver the message, and example videos will have you mastering your speaking skills in no time.  Learn professional skills from professional speaker, Michael Perusich.

Perfect Practice BluePrint

A 7-week program designed for doctors who are just starting out in practice. Whether you are just finishing up Chiropractic school, moving from Associateship to Ownership or buying a new practice, this unique training program will provide you with the tools to successfully opening your clinic.

5 Minute Report of Findings

Your Report of Findings may be one of the most important skills you need to be successful.  Kats Consultants has designed and developed the 5-Minute ROF to help you deliver treatment plan information in a format that patient's believe and want to commit to your care.

John Maxwell Products

As a Certified John Maxwell Speaker we offer books and classes. 

Waiting Room Video

Control the message your patients see in your waiting rooms or treatment rooms. This is a patient education video. 

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