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KC Regional Workshops

These roll-up-your-sleeves workshops are designed to provide you with tools and procedures that you can implement Monday morning.  The Regional Workshops are delivered in cities close to your home including Chicago, Kansas City, and Orlando.  The same information is shared at each location, so you need to travel only once to get all this great information. BRING SPOUSES AND STAFF.  These workshops may be a tax write off for your practice (consult your accountant).

2020 Dates 


January 25

Kansas City 

July 18


July 25




Virtual Seminar

Guest Virtual Price $79 per office 

(Included if you are a Member in Membership)

 KC Virtual Seminars (4 per year)

The KC Virtual Seminars are a unique way to participate in live seminars from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere.  These live seminars are streamed right to your location where you and your team can participate along with us. Plus, no travel expenses, no overtime pay for weekend seminars, and no time away from home.  These are great team building and practice growth programs for DOCTORS, STAFF, ASSOCIATES, AND SPOUSES.


December 5 2019 



Leaders Leave Last - How great leaders push their teams to success rather than pull them along.

Put on Your Google Goggles - competing with the social media giant FaceBook, Google has changed the rules for business marketing. We'll explore how to use Google to increase your website SEO and market your business in the next level of social media marketing.

Chiropractic 2020 - Is your practice more like an 8-track tape or an MP4?  Technology changes rapidly and so does managing a chiropractic practice for success.  managing your clinic has changed dramatically over the years.  But quite possibly it has changed faster in the last 5 years than ever before.  This class will explore the latest strategies for clinic success.

Brand-based Marketing - most marketing plans create nothing more than a ponzi scheme in your practice. Brand marketing develops credibility, authority, and long-term success.  We’ll discuss how to incorporate brand-based marketing into your practice.

2020 Dates 

March 5 2020

June 4 2020

August 27 2020

December 3 2020



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