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Elite Travel Dates

These roll-up-your-sleeves workshops are designed for our Mastermind members to provide you with tools and procedures that you can implement Monday morning. The live seminars are great networking events, bringing DC's from all over the country together.  

Virtual Seminar

Guest Virtual Price $97 per office (applied to 1st month of Elite Membership when you join)

(Included if you are a Member in Elite Membership)

 KC Virtual Seminars (4 per year)

The KC Virtual Seminars are a unique way to participate in live seminars from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere.  These live seminars are streamed right to your location where you and your team can participate along with us. Plus, no travel expenses, no overtime pay for weekend seminars, and no time away from home.  These are great team building and practice growth programs for DOCTORS, STAFF, ASSOCIATES, AND SPOUSES.






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