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Regional Workshops 


November 17 2018 - Bloomington Regional  Seminar
  Bloomington –Normal Marriott

Class Schedule for Regional Seminars for 2018

Be On Top  The daily grind can bring you down. Learn to pick up your feet and find your greatness in this motivating class. 

Successful Report of Findings How to succinctly move patients into being compliant with your care recommendations.

Effective Treatment Plan Construction Learn how to tell the proper story to the insurance company for maximum reimbursement and patient retention.  

Developing High Impact Teams Learn how to build a high performance team by adjusting you attitude about success. 

Ethical Marketing Methods Simple marketing ideas that you can use starting Monday to drive more patients into your practice.

High Speed Practice Building Grow the practice or your dreams ….quickly

Tough Conversations Improving patient communication. 

 2019 Dates - Classes TBD

January 26 2019 Orlando FL 

July 20 2019 Kansas City MO 

July 26 2019 Minneapolis MN

October 26 Bloomington IL 


Guest Seminar Price $49 

 Seminars are held 9am - 4pm




Leadership Conference 


Savannah Georgia  March 7-9 2019

Louisville Kentucky September 12-14 2019

Guest Spectacular Price $149

(Included if you are Member in Membership)


Virtual Seminar

 Guest Virtual Price $49

(Included if you are a Member in Membership)

December 6 2018


  • The Crystal Ball - How great would it be if you could see into the future?  We’ll take a fun and lively look at the state of the profession and the opportunities that lie ahead for Chiropractic practices.


  • Building Your Roadmap for 2019 - we will walk through the best methods for setting and defining your goals for real success in 2019
  • Teamwork Wins Championships - Basketball star Michael Jordan said, "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."  Year end is always a great time to take a step back and analyze the talent on your team. In this class we will explore great ways to keep you are your staff motivated, highly trained and working toward the common goal of making the clinic a huge success.
  • End Well - Begin Well - We’ll walk through the best year-end marketing activities that will kick-start your practice in the new year.  
  • Building the Vision - We’ll wind-up the morning with a discussion about how to maximize your year end strategic planning session to build a vision for a prosperous 2019 and beyond.

February 7 2019

May 2 2019

August 1 2019

December 5 2019 



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