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Consulting comes in many forms and so does learning. We believe in several key components for our clients and staff. 

1.  Regional Seminars Join us for a day of learning and fellowship right in your own city. We will tour our pod-cities one-time each year. Be sure to watch the calendar and get registered to attend

2.  Virtual Seminars Watch directly from Youtube live during the week on a Thursday.These are offered every quarter (4 times per year).No travel needed for staff or doctor - save time and money.These offer a great day of team-building and strategizing for personal, professional and clinic growth.

3.  Spectacular Vacation Seminars  Join us twice each year for these “spectacular” 2-day vacation-based seminars held in fun cities in the continental US.Bring your staff, spouses, and associates, and be ready for fun.A great way to take a vacation and still have your practice cover the cost.Nashville is coming up in October.

4.Weekly Video Tips Each Monday you will have a weekly practice tip video delivered to your inbox.Enjoy starting the week with great information maximize your practice.

5.  Weekly Doc Call  Every week we will discuss a specific topic that is pertinent to your practice success.These calls are interactive and allow you to brainstorm with the best of the best in the industry for an invaluable learning process.These webinars are held on Tuesdays at 1:00 central.

6. Weekly Crew Call Every week your staff is invited to participate in a staff training call.The information shared during these webinars is specific to your staff.These webinars are held on Wednesdays at 1:00 central.

7. Consulting call 1x/month Many of our clients utilize our monthly consulting call program.You can be scheduled with any of our consultants to spend 25 minutes. reviewing your business processes.

8.  Consulting on Demand Have a quick questions?  You can call, email, or text any time.

9.  Website Training Library for Staff and Docs Our online library holds over 200 training videos, forms and podcasts.Videos cover just about anything pertaining to practice success. We constantly update the video library so the information is always current.

10.  Virtual Consultation VC takes all of the paper charts, plastic models, brochures, exercise handouts, reception room videos and incorporates them into one easy-to-use software program that properly educates patients during Report of Findings and follow-up exams.This is one of the best patient education programs on the market today. Available as an add-on to your membership. 

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