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Time for an Update

Time for an Update

By Dr. Michael Perusich, President Kats Consultants

Have you noticed lately that it seems that almost every business has a newly updated and current look?  From fast-food restaurants to the local dry cleaner, businesses are finding value in freshening up their look.

And it makes sense.  A new look means you are current with today’s trends, styles, and services.  The fast food restaurant may be serving the same burgers, but new paint and furniture on the inside and a fresh facade on the outside keeps them attractive to patrons.

The reason is today’s consumer finds value in having a complete experience.  They are attracted to services, vendors, and companies that look and feel current.  Take for example the food truck. These novelty vendors are sweeping the country with their new twist on fast food service.  It’s unique, it’s novel, it’s fun. And it represents a new way of doing business for the restaurant service industry.

There can be huge danger with not keeping pace with trends.  Take Blockbuster for example. They were the giant of video and DVD entertainment rental.  But, they were so ingrained in their old-model of doing business, they didn’t see the trends changing.  And when they had a chance to purchase Netflix, they decided to pass on what they believed was just a fad. Ouch!

What trends and new ideas are you missing for your business?  Are you still doing business the same old way? When was the last time you made your clinic look and feel up-to-date?  Are you Blockbuster or are you Netflix? Have you kept pace with trends in services, techniques, and technology? Does your clinic look old and worn-out?  

It’s time to park out front, and walk in the main door to see your clinic as the patient. Is the paint current colors? Is the reception room furniture newer style or does it look like something from a 1955 bowling alley?  OK...that may be trendy! Are you offering the current trends in services?

In the last few weeks, our clinic has been undergoing a face-lift including new paint, rearranging of furniture and pictures,and new technology. I’ve been amazed at how many patients have made positive comments about the updates. It’s also been uplifting for the doctors and staff to have a fresh new look and feel to the clinic.  Plus, we have seen a sharp rise in the number of new patients as our current patients are talking more about us and referring in new people. Why? Because they are excited about the clinic again. The clinic’s fresh vibrance is creating excitement.

If your business looks old, tired, and out dated, then your services may be perceived as the same by your patients.  Perception is reality. It may be time to do a little updating. Fresh colors, new services, and current technology.  It may be time to evaluate how you match up to today’s current trends. Take time to assess your clinic services, processes, procedures, and decor.  Keeping pace with these trends puts you on the cutting edge of Chiropractic care, brings a renewed vibrance and excitement to the practice, and helps you deliver the full patient experience that today’s consumers demand.

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