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Kats Consultants Video What's your Uniqueness?




Michael Perusich: Hi everybody. I'm Michael Perusich. This is David Kats. We're with Kats Consultants. We've got a video tip for you this week. Facebook is a huge place to be marketing your practice right now. In fact, social media in general is just a great way to market your practice, but here's a little inside track on how to make it work the best. Find your uniqueness. Social media platforms like Facebook, really focus in and move you up in the algorithm for people to see your advertisement, if you're marketing something unique.

Here's my recommendation. Sit down with your staff and write out, on a list, make a list of your four most unique things that you do in your practice. It might be a special type of chiropractic adjustment. It might be acupuncture. Maybe you have a big nutrition practice.

David Kats: It might be an instrument that you use or a table that you have that no one else has.

Michael: Maybe you have laser therapy that you offer, or decompression. There are so many different things, but find your four different, highly specialized, different unique points and market those things. When you market your uniqueness, your social media advertising will absolutely explode.

David: That's exactly right. We do consulting for more than just chiropractors. You will find that almost every other healthcare profession, everybody finds a niche and works in a niche. A lot of chiropractors are just a common catchall.

Michael: That's right.

David: But the people that are niche marketing are the ones that are getting ahead right now. Niche marketing is making a huge difference in the chiropractor's practices that take advantage of it.

Michael: That's right. Find your uniqueness, explode your social media advertising and see the new patients coming in the door.

David: That's right.

Michael: I'm Michael Perusich and David Kats with Kats Consultants. Thanks for listening.


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