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Kats Consultants Video Tip Daily Huddle

brand awareness community awareness kats consultants new patient marketing new patients May 21, 2018

Michael: Hi everybody, this is Michael Perusich and David Kats here with your video tip of the week. This week we want to talk a little bit about brand awareness and this is something sometimes we don't think about as healthcare providers. Brand awareness is about making sure that your name, that your business name is easily recognized. If I put up Golden Arches in front of everybody right now, everybody would know that was McDonald's. How well known is your practice in your community?

David: Yes. I got a good case in point. When I was first building the practice, we went to medical offices to do medical luncheons and after about the first three or four medical luncheons, we had a good time and they accepted us and enjoyed us coming over. I realized that probably the doctor's that we met with didn't even know the name of our clinic when we left. As a result, what we started doing is we put our name all over for brand awareness and our logo all over. We had vinyl placemats that we would leave on the kitchen table where we served the lunch after we left and they'd stay there, so they'd be there next time we were there.

We put refrigerator magnets on their refrigerator because every place where you do medical luncheons, they have a refrigerator and we put our name up there with our logo, so they knew it was us.

Michael: That's right. Your name should be on absolutely everything you do. From your new patient paperwork to maybe even the shirt you and your staff are wearing. My staff wears scrubs and everybody in the office has our logo and name on their scrubs. Anywhere we go together, everybody knows who we are. This is Michael Perusich and David Kats. That's our video tip for the week.


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