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Kats Consultants Video Reviews on Yelp


Dr. David Kats: Hi, this is Dr. Dave Kats and Dr. Michael Perusich. We’re with Kats Consultants and we have a video tip for you this week. You always hear about doing reviews. We did a program on reviews not too long ago getting reviews online. I'll tell you, there's a new company that's coming up and think about the history of this. 15 years ago, we were saying to people, “You got to get a website,” and 10 years ago were saying to people, “You got to get your website optimized.” A website and optimized website today is kind of passé. It's not that important anymore.

Then came along Google, you had to advertise on Google. Google's reached its peak now. Then it went to Facebook. Facebook is somebody that you have to be with and Facebook's pretty hot right now. Then also, you have to have reviews other places. Yelp is an inside dark horse by the way. In this race to get to the front on social media, Yelp is coming to the surface. If you'll notice when you look on your-- in most chiropractic areas, if you look under chiropractic, it says ‘10 best doctors in Denton, Texas’ and that’s a Yelp advertisement. That's getting a lot of hits lately.

I think what you have to do is go to Yelp, that’s just one of the places, you can talk about Google, maybe, but you got to go to Yelp and you got to start getting some reviews on Yelp and maybe doing some advertising because it's dirt cheap right now on Yelp. I think it'll raise you on that Yelp 10 best chiropractors listing. What do you think?

Dr. Michael Perusich: Well, I think that's exactly right. We hear a lot about doing Google reviews and those are important because Google is still the number one rating service of businesses. You got to get your Google reviews but you need to be reviewed on other sites. You're absolutely right Yelp is an up and comer. Make sure that you're getting reviews on there as well.

Dr. Kats: That's right. In fact, the ones that they're fading into the past are the websites, the optimization websites. Google's a perennial and it will always be around. Its heydays over but it will always be around. I'll tell you that right now Yelp and Instagram are the two on the horizon. Facebook's the name for game right now but Yelp and Instagram are on the horizon.

Thanks, I’m Dave Kats, Michael Perusich, thanks.


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