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Kats Consultants Video Importance of the Schedule



Michael Perusich: Hi everybody, Michael Perusich and David Kats with Kats Consultants. We've got a video tip for you. David, I think this week we need to really talk about and focus in on scheduling. We hear this a lot of times from doctors, "I can't see more patients. I've reached capacity." I tell doctors all the time the same thing, "You've got to look at your scheduling."

Your scheduling should be so orchestrated that you have slots, you have positions for every type of patient coming in, whether it's a rehab patient, or a new patient, or a re-evaluation patient, or just a maintenance patient. They should have specific slots in your schedule so that you make the schedule flow as efficiently and effectively as you can.

David Kats: If you think that you're busy, a lot of times it's just in your mind that you're busy. I remember so well when I was seeing three people every 15 minutes and we still used an old manual appointment book in those days and the staff said, "We're about full." We just opened up a fourth column, and instantly we were less than 75% full.

Michael: [laughs]

David: It's a lot in your mind what's going to happen. Now, here's another key that I found when you talk about scheduling. If you have patients that you know that are automatically faster than the rest, in other words they process through faster, they don't need to talk to you a lot, they just want to get your treatment and get out of there, put those people in your busiest times because you'll see more people during your busiest times.

If you put the faster people there, you'll still stay on schedule.

Michael: That's right, and teach your staff how to manage your schedule. Your schedule should be such that you've got specific slots for different types of patients and not just putting every patient in at every time they want when they call in. It should be very, very orchestrated out just like a play book for a football team.

David: One of the things I hate to hear staff say is, "When would you like to come in?"

Michael: That's right.

David: That's suicide because it automatically tells people, "We're not really busy, come in at anytime you want to. It doesn't make any difference." If you're a little late, that doesn't matter. If you're a little early that doesn't matter either when you say, "When do you want?" You have to give them a choice of yes.

Michael: Yes, you have to tell them when your next available appointment is. Make sure you really working on your scheduling. Work on orchestrating your schedule so that everybody has a slot, and your schedule is working out the maximum that it can so that you increase your capacity, make your flow efficient, and make your life easier.

David: Yes.

Michael: I'm Michael Perusich and David Kats with Kats Consultants.


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