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Kats Consultants Video Fresh Start

chiropractic consulting chiropractic management consulting kats consultants management practice building Oct 29, 2018

Mike Perusich: Hi, I'm Mike Perusich and this is Dave Kats, we are with Kats Consultants. I want to talk a little bit today about the new contract structure that we have in Kats Consultants. We've completely revolutionized chiropractic management and chiropractic consulting in so many ways from the virtual seminars, to all the things that we do now online to help grow your practice, but we've even gone so far as to make our membership on the cutting edge as well.

Our new membership programs, Dave, are all about building the doctor's practice. We brought it down to just a one year term. We just have a one year term now for our doctors. So many of the companies out there today are three years, five years and even longer.

Dave Kats: The prices are $895 a month or $795 a month or $1000 a month and are just an absolute fraction of that. We've brought things online, we've brought prices down to places where I would've never believe they would even been 10 years ago.

Mike: That's right, we've got prices that you probably didn't even see back in the 80's. Because we do so much online and because we're a smaller organization and we do so many things one on one, we've been able to compress the price down which can only help our doctors further.

Dave: Hey, you said something unusual. You said back in the 80's. I started in 1982 and our price was within $2 a month of what we were in 1982.

Mike: There you go. There you go. Our membership program also has its rewards, too, like American Express. The longer you're with us, the more the price goes down. Check us out, I'm Mike Perusich, Dave Kats. Thanks for listening.



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