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Kats Consultants Video Accepting the schedule of Care


Dr. Kats: Hi, this is Dr. Dave Kats and Dr. Michael Perusich with Kats Consultants and we have a tip for you. There are certain segment of doctors who have trouble with getting patients to accept their schedule care or to pay for the care that they get. I'll tell you one thing that we have found that makes a difference. Normally, a patient will come in for the second day and they'll get a report of findings, then they'll get through adjustment, then they'll get therapy rehab, then they'll go to the advance mobile scheduling and the financial consultation.

I have found and we have found that when somebody is having trouble with people accepting the scheduled care or wanting to pay, if you do the financial consultation right after the report of findings that that's when the patient most likely to accept your care and be willing to pay the bill. I know you do that because I've been at your clinic and you have Marisa come in and do the financial consultation and you do that.

Dr. Perusich: That's right, we do. You're absolutely right. That's what works the best. If you're having trouble getting patients to commit to the financial component of care, then take a look at your report of findings procedures. You know what, at Kats Consultants, we provide our clients with a lot of different tools to help make the report of findings and the financial report of findings really top notch and work well for you.

Dr. Kats: That's right. I have a philosophy that we teach that's called the prior step concept. It said, if the patient doesn't want to go on and accept the next step, it's not the next step that's a problem, it's that you didn't do a good job in the prior step. If they don't want to accept your scheduled care or if they don't want to pay the amount, it isn't the amount that's the problem, it's that during the report of findings and you didn't do a financial consultation right afterwards and they got out of the mood.

Do the report of findings, follow it right with the financial consultation if you're having problems with finances and I think you'll find your patient compliant and your financial compliance will grow as a result of it.

Dr. Perusich: That's right.

Dr. Kats: This is Dave Kats and Dr. Michael Perusich, thanks for listening.


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