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Kats Consultants Katnip Setting the Pace

clinic flow clinic pace kats consultants leadership patient flow Feb 25, 2019

Michael Perusich: Hi, everybody. Mike Perusich, Patrick Hammond and David Kats with Kats Consultants. Thanks for joining us today. Guys, I thought we talked a little bit today about setting the pace in our clinics. As the doctor and owner of the practice, we really should be setting the pace, being the example leader, lead by example if you will, in the practice as the owner of the practice. How do you guys do that?

David Kats: Go ahead.

Patrick Hammond: Okay. Mine is, I get there early. I think you set the tone. If you can walk in late, you're already behind for the day. You get there early, you walk in with a positive body language, you're ready to rock and roll. You got to set that tone so your staff says, "Oh man, Dr. Hammond, he's raising up the day, right?" But if you come in and go, "Hey, what's up," low key, it's already setting the tone. You got to set the tone about high pace and be ready to go. Then when that first patient comes in you got to be all smiles, you got to say hello, you got to be cheerful, you got to be in a good mood and you're ready to take care of that person. I think if you can set that tone from the first couple of patients, the rest of the day follows.

Michael: It's absolutely right.

David: You have to set that tone with your employees. I will submit to you that if you are high energy and positive and very passionate about chiropractic, your staff turnover will be a lot lower than if you just drag yourself in and go through the day and track and go home 15 minutes early because there isn't anybody else coming in today as you're, probably not, go ahead, go home, that type of thing. If you are full of energy, the energy flows from above down and the people that are pulling energy off you are going to stay with you, they're going to catch your vision and they're going to do what you want them to do because you are their energy source.

Michael: That's right. It's just a good leadership skill to be the pacesetter in your business.

Partick: I think also that your patients will also follow better. It's one thing that your staff following and taking your energy, but those patients-- If I'm on fire in the office, men it's just like, you can't do anything wrong. Everything you say to patients, quality of their treatment plans better, everything goes better. Setting that tone not only from your practice but also for your patients is also beneficial.

Michael: Well, and I noticed that when we're really, really busy, that really excites me. I get really passionate about the practice when we're really, really busy. That's when we perform at our best. If we are a little bit slower for whatever reason, maybe it's a bad weather day or something and patients can't get into the clinic, I don't have the same level of energy and it's hard to keep that pace going. Use your practice to make the pace great, to keep that fire going.

Patrick: That's right.

Michael: Absolutely. Thanks for joining coffee with Kats.



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