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Kats Consultants Kat-nip Calm Determination


Mike Perusich: Hi, everybody, Mike Perusich and Patrick Hammond with Kats Consultants. Patrick, one of the things that I think builds doctor authority is having calm determination. Let's talk about that a little bit today.

Patrick Hammond: Yes, you just can't become too reactive to good, and bad, and everything in the middle. If a patient states that they're feeling better, you don't go, "Wow, that's great," or if they feel a little worse, you go, "Oh, boy."

Mike: "Don't know why that happened."

Patrick: Right. You got to have that calm determination. You got to understand where they're coming from, but also be prepared for different things that can happen throughout your day.

Mike: That's right. There's lots of things that can happen. When you're dealing with the public and you're in a healthcare situation, you can have all kinds of emergencies, for example. I can give you a great example that happened in my office one time. I had an elderly patient come in, she had just checked in at the front desk, pivoted to go sit down and sit in one of the seats in the waiting room. Right as she turned, her femur snapped. Bam, hit the floor.

Now, we already had a plan in place for emergencies like this. My staff jumped in, took over, came and got me. I came out very calmly, we got the ambulance in, we took care of the patient and got her moved over to the hospital. If you panic in those situations and your other patients in the clinic see that, it really takes down your doctor authority a lot.

Patrick: Yes. Also, on the business side of things, I think things can happen. We get a letter from the IRS. Usually, it's nothing. I just take it over to my accountant, he goes, "Yes, it's nothing. Not a big deal," but you don't flip out and freak out. Stay calm. You still got to deal with your patients in between. If you get something in the mail, for example, you still got to take care of those patients. That calm determination can help you from a doctor side of things, business side of things, throughout your day.

Mike: Teaching your staff to have calm determination can really help your practice as well. We've all had this happen. A patient comes in, they've just gotten a statement from you in the mail, and they're upset about it. They come in and they want to raise heck at the front counter. If your front desk person manages that by raising heck back, what's going to happen? You have nothing but a big argument right there in the front office. You can defuse those situations really quickly with calm determination.

Patrick: Yes, it answers a lot of the problems.

Mike: It sure does. Calm determination, that's the thing to do in your practice. Thanks for joining Coffee with Kats.


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