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Kats Consultants Kat-Nip Bad Reviews

bad reviews facebook reviews google reviews kats consultants reputation management reviews Mar 31, 2019


Speaker 1: Hi everybody. Mike Perusich David Kats. Patrick Hammond with Kats Consultants thanks for joining us today. We've talked about reputation management before but what happens if you get a bad review? What do you do?

Speaker 2: The first thing I would suggest you do is not panic. We have clients that call us and they'd get total panicked because they got 15 positive reviews and now they got one negative review and there's this statement I like to use. It's not the most positive statement. It says nothing is ever as good as you think it's going to be and nothing is ever as bad as you think it's going to be. One bad review or two bad reviews is not going to put you on the skids. You'll be fine.

Speaker 1: That's absolutely right. An important thing to do is to answer the review. You have an opportunity to basically rebuke the review. You can put out there how maybe if somebody who didn't like your charges, how you collect money in your office and you can write a rebuttal that says we tried to handle it this way and you just put out really positive rebuttal. People that see that negative review see how you tried to handle it to make it better. The other thing you can do is just bury it. If you get a bad review, just go out and try to get a whole bunch of great reviews. You can sub them with ice packs which don't cost hardly anything. Let's talk about that.

Speaker 3: What we get in our office with the office of the inspector, generally, you cannot give anything away to a patient that is more than $10. What we did is our hot and cold packs, we gave those away for a review. The idea was we know we don't want to do it on the wifi within our office. The idea is I gave them the hot and cold pack then they would go home. They would, "Oh yes, I was supposed to do that review" and ours tripled within about a month. We did it for one month. We said okay, we're not going to do it now again for a couple more months but we went from about 50 to about 150 within a month. We just hit Facebook, Google if anybody was on Yelp or the other ones but Google and Facebook were the ones we really pushed for.

Speaker 1: If you get a bad review you can do what Patrick does. You can just increase your good reviews and that buries the bad review and here's an interesting thing that a lot of people don't know. A lot of people don't believe 5.0 Google reviews. They want to see that you're real. That you're not just loading everything up with five star Google reviews. A bad review once in a while as long as you can bury it doesn't really hurt you so don't panic about it.

Speaker 3: That's right.

Speaker 1: Thanks for listening The Coffee with Kats.



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