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Kats Consultants Blog Law of the Buy in

Michael Perusich: Hi, everybody, Mike Perusich and Patrick Hammond with Kats Consultants. Patrick, I want to talk about the law of buy-in today. As doctors, we wear multiple hats. We're a doctor, we're a business owner, we're a leader in our community, we're a leader to our staff, we're a leader to our patient, but how do people and why do people follow leaders? It's because they buy in to the leader's vision. This is really what we do when we build doctor authority is we create a sense of a vision for people that they want to buy in to and they want to follow it.

A great example is with our patients, we teach them that their pain is going to be manageable by our treatment plan, and we impose upon them the idea that we're there to help them and we have the tools to help them, so we get them to buy in through that process. That whole law of buy-in works with our staff as well. If you want staff to stay with you for a long time, you have to teach them how to buy in to your vision.

Dr. Patrick Hammond: Yes, somebody's got to be the leader. You have to be the leader, but then as that goes in your vision, you also have to accept the ideas that come from outside of that with your staff and with your patients. Not all patients can do everything we need them to do at all times. Sometimes we have to allow them to have a little bit of say in their care. The same way with our staff, we may want them to do certain things, they just may not be able to be managed out, so we have to allow them to have some say in the process which ultimately helps with the complete buy-in.

Mike: That's right. Imposing a vision for your patients, for your staff, for your community, getting people to follow you is an important step to building doctor authority. Thanks for joining Coffee with Kats.

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