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ancillary services increase revenue kats consultants proxy patients rehab revenue treatment plans May 20, 2019



Michel Perusich: Hi everybody. I'm Mike Perusich, David Kats, Patrick Hammond, with Kats Consultants. Hey guys, what's the one thing you could do with your practice tomorrow to increase your revenue?

David Kats: You go ahead, Pat.

Patrick Hammond: Okay. Well, the one thing I do is, I really talk about and I take a few moments to think about the other services that I have in my office and sometimes I get too busy that I get away from. I don't think anybody else ever has that problem. Sometimes you just get so caught up in seeing patients, so you go, "Oh my gosh, I have a laser, I sell pillows, I have supplements." So a lot of times you have to slow down for a moment, think about what this patient could really benefit from the use of. Usually, it always ties in, and once that happens, it just takes off.

David: Yes. Many years ago, I wrote a book that you had referred to, what it said, "101 things that work so well, I had to quit doing them."

Michel:  That book is actually on the corner of my desk.

David: [laughs] Anyway, it's getting a little age on it now, but it was good information. You do things and they work so well, you get busy, and you drop those little things but you know, If I were going to increase my revenue in just this month, if I want to increase just this month, I think I would bump up my rehab. I think most doctors are a little bit remiss, a little bit lazy when it comes to putting rehab on patients. I divide doctors into two parts; those that don't do any rehab, and those that don't do enough. In either way, you should restart to do some rehab.

Michel: Yes, that's good. The one thing I think I would do, is really focus on proxying every single patient that comes in. Did you know the national average is that there's 3.5 members per every household. So every patient, at least in theory coming in, there's 2.5 more people at home. If I just start proxying those, I'm going to increase my practice overnight.

Patrick: That's right.

David: Sure.

Michel: All great ideas, guys, and I'm sure there's more we can come up with. Tap on to your ancillary services, watch your treatment plans, proxy patients, keep everybody on track, increase your rehab. Those are all great things you can do to grow your revenue overnight. Thanks for joining coffee with Kats.



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